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Eco-Auto Conservation Programs Conducted by Future Leaders

One of the best ways to operate a business within any community is to become a part of that community. With the cooperation of local organizations like the Boy Scouts, 4-H Members, Athletic Clubs and other youth groups, a positive community image is created.   A good example of this is Goodyear retailer Billups Tire & Muffler Centers and the local Boy Scouts of America in Des Moines County, Iowa.

"Through Eco-Auto and Eagle Scout Wade Jackson (pictured here), Billups Tire Centers were able to conduct a major tire recycling effort," says owner Jon Billups. "Ultimately over 10,000 scrap tires were recovered from farms and during drop off events." To promote this countywide recycling program, Billups consulted the The WATER Foundation and utilized their Eco-Auto kit.

Over 45 radio ads were aired on two local stations, touting both tire recycling and community drop off events. Several fliers and local newspaper articles further publicized the events, again including a number of Eco-Auto tips to help consumers learn how to expand tire life and ultimately, recycle them. In addition, Billups coordinated a conservation-themed kid's poster contest that awarded $250 in prizes.

"A big bonus in helping us promote this right was the Eco-Auto kit," Billups reports. "We were able to simply to go their (TWF's) web site and order the information we needed, like radio tips, print modules and other signage."

Here are five points :

  1. Service to the community-- teaching benefits of recycling, helping the Boy Scouts achieve their merit badges and teaching conservation through a poster contest for elementary school kids.
  2.  Service to conservation-- turning a waste product into a useable resource;
  3. Utilizing cause-related marketing-- promoting recycling programs through local radio, in-store signage and printed promotional materials;
  4. Utilizing Eco-Auto kit components-- radio spots, print ads, posters, flyers, handouts, and tips in all retail locations;
  5. Creative brand imaging-- featuring the Goodyear name tastefully in all cause-related program materials and publicity efforts in the community.

While the program was funded in part by an Iowa Department of Natural Resources grant to Des Moines County and sponsored by Billups Tire & Muffler, Eagle Scout Wade Jackson deserves much of the credit for initiating and coordinating the project. "It was a chance for me to earn my Eagle Scout status while helping out the community and the wildlife," says Jackson. After watching a video on the importance of tire recycling, Jackson realized just how important his project was.

"There are several things people can do to help slow the tire waste stream," he reports. "Maintain the proper tire air pressure; rotate tires every six months or 6,000 miles; check wheel alignment and avoid fast starts and stops; and don't forget to visit a local tire dealer for assistance in proper tire maintenance."


Conservation Pays in many ways. To learn more about the of The WATER Foundation's Eco-Auto Kit, call 1-800-944-FROG.


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