Southwest Wind Power.

Electricity from the Wind and Sun

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Be Prepared for Extended Grid Interruptions
Be Protected from Black-Outs
Be Energy Independent!

  • FREE - Transforms energy from the wind and sun into FREE electricity.
  • ECONOMICAL - Lowest cost per watt of any alternative energy system.
  • EASY - Installation and monitoring is a breeze with World Power's exclusive EZ-WIRE System Center.
  • RUGGED - Built to last 20 years and to survive up to 120 mph winds.
  • QUIET - Advanced airfoil design guarantees whisper quiet operation.
  • POWERFUL - More power per dollar than any home size wind generator in the world.
  • RENEWABLE - Electricity without burning fossil fuels or creating hazardous waste.
  • EFFICIENT - The industry's highest power-to-weight ratio.


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Southwest Wind Power's packaged systems take the guess work out of planning your renewable energy system.  We've used our 25 years of experience to match the right components and make your selection worry-free.  Our COMPLETE packaged SYSTEMS give you the neatest, most efficient and reliable alternative energy systems on the market.

For more information e-mail us or call us at 1-218-764-2321.

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