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Why should we be concerned about a decline in the frog population? Or, why should we care if frogs are found with deformities or malformations? Scientists are concerned because the health of frogs are closely linked to the health of the environment. Amphibians drink and breath through their skin and are particularly sensitive to chemical pollution because they live both on water and on land. Whatever is specifically hurting frogs may eventually cause harm to humans, and especially our      children who need to live in the world we leave for them.

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The use of pesticides is one example of some of the problems we are hearing about. Remarkably, little testing has been done to see if environmental chemical cause birth defects in frogs. However, a large study from the University of Minnesota has linked birth defects in humans to pesticide use. Bog Frog is here to educate us, and most important, continue to warn us that not only is nature suffering, but we are affecting the human race when we turn our backs on our environment. Bog Frog's message stands on its own, we are part of the environment. We need to learn the laws of nature and cooperate with it. Each and every step we take to reduce, reuse and recycle is a step in the right direction.

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We need to be educated and shown how to improve the quality of our life, without damaging other living things in nature.

Bog Frog has an overwhelming job and he needs your help. Each person who implements something new in their own life to help nature, makes the world a "tad" better. We can all help conserve the natural resources we were given and help insure the quality for life we leave for our children (and tadpoles).

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