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"Education starts the flow for protecting our waters."
Without water, life on earth would cease to exist. Water is as essential to our good health as it is to the health of the whole environment. The key to protecting our water begins with education-- mass education that offers practical solutions.  Thatís why radio is the ideal medium.  Like water, itís everywhere, flowing across every demographic, while remaining highly targetable by the type of station and by programming.  Radio reaches more people than any other single medium.  Radio consumes very little of our natural resources to conduct itís massive educational work; and radio costs less, so more people hear the messages.

"A new concept in water handling has recently been developed to mimic nature's way of self-cleansing water.  Created by artisans and scientist who studied natural water movements carefully, these "flowform" sculptures are based upon the principle of using physical motion to purify water.  Stay tuned for more natural ways..."       -Clare Waters (from Natural Ways radio program)

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Ocean Planet Radio Program Water Presentation

Program Philosophy

To provide simple, effective ways for consumers to preserve our natural water resources while saving money in the process.

Program Delivery

CDs bi-monthly or MP-3 files bi-monthly or FTP downloads.

Program Topics

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Frog Friendly Tips
  • Protecting our Natural Waterways
  • Water Treatment & Sewage
  • Industrial Water Use & Treatment
  • Water Quality & Consumer Health
  • Irrigation and Agriculture
  • Household & Plumbing
  • Gardening & Lawns
Eco-Auto Tips
Outdoor Trivia

Program Features

Year round. Six (6) to twelve (12) episodes per week (:60 and 2:30 vignette).
Program length includes national commercial time.


Bog Frog licensing, artwork and costumes.  Original community programs like, Operation HOP.  Posters, Ad Slicks, Website Links, Sign Kits.

Why Bog Frog

Most people know that scientists consider frogs an indicator species for the health of water. Conservation “spokesphibian” Bog Frog has been a symbol of hope for nature since 1987, making over 5 billion impressions to date. Bog Frog's voice is distinctive and memorable, while his messages remain positive and practical, giving consumers a meaningful symbol to remember. 

Why Radio

Like water, radio is everywhere, flowing across every demographic, while remaining highly targetable by station type and by programming. Radio reaches more people than any other single medium. It consumes very few of our natural resources to conduct it's massive educational work. Finally, radio costs less, which means more people hear its messages everyday. 
Why Promote Conservation?
Water is one of the most important causes of our time. Just as the importance of products and services to purify and conserve water continue to grow each year. To help capture this key market, The WATER Foundation offers a potent strategy called “Conservation Marketing.”  By placing radio ads directly within pertinent programs on water, messages reach specific action-oriented consumers who support this effort.  Cause-related marketing research shows that 83% of consumers have a more positive image of companies who support a cause they care about. Discover how conservation can pay for you today.