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SunMar Composting Toilets.. The Environmental Solution

In 1971, Hardy Sundberg developed the world's first self-contained composting toilet.
For the first time a self-contained toilet could be put in a bathroom and would evaporate liquids and compost solids.

What is Composting?

  • Composting converts organic matter back to its essential minerals
  • Aerobic Micobes do this in the presence of moisture and air, by oxidizing the carbon in the organic material to carbon dioxide gas, and converting the hydrogen atoms to water vapor.
  • In this process, some 95% of the starting material volume (largely moisture) is evaporated, so the residential salts are easy to handle.
  • This resulting compost provides the essential food for uptake by plants. So it is perfect for recycling.

    Today - Sun-Mar remains the world leader in composting toilets, and dominates the North American market with its unparalleled range of 22 models from 6 different product families. Each model is designed to fill a specific need, and each is distinguished by innovative design, superior technology, and Sun-Mar's legendary quality. Call for sizing and pricing. 218-764-2321

Why Use a Sun-Mar Composting Toilet?

  • No Plumbing.
  • No Water.
  • No Odor.
  • Inexpensive Solution.
  • Recycles Nutrients.
  • Little or No Liquid Output.
  • No Pollution.
  • Saves Water.
Where to Use a Sun-Mar?  

A few of the most common places    
  • A cottage, cabin or camp.
  • A pool house, cabana, boat house or garden shed.
  • Horse barns, or other barns.
  • Remote offices, classrooms, dormatories, workshops, gate houses or security posts.
  • In a residence where it is important to make the minimum ecological footprint.
  • Boats, RV's, closets and cubboards.

Available through Eco Domes Conservation Campus.  Phone 1-218-764-2321

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