Conservation Technologies Education at the HOP Shop Center


From 2003 to 2006, The WATER Foundation (TWF) is implementing a series of conservation-oriented technologies into the HOP Shop Center.  Educational programs for the new construction techniques, products and systems will be implemented via educational displays, in-house tours, Digital Product Tours, literature and our nationally syndicated radio features.  Our audiences will learn about many new conservation technologies that can be incorporated into their buildings and properties, where to shop for them, and how to find certified installers.  Advertising is available to a limited number of sponsors in the categories below. Most categories will only have a single sponsor. Most exciting are the new Digital Product Tours that our visitors will enjoy as they learn about the products and services below.  Full Sponsorship is $2000 yearly or $5500 for three years.  Partial Sponsorship costs $1000 yearly or $2800 for three years. See sign up sheet for all the details at



                                    DIGITAL PRODUCT TOURS


We are installing an in-house network of interactive educational kiosks to provide our visitors with Digital Product Tours (DPT) of conservation technologies at the Center.  At least twenty interactive kiosks will be available to visitors of the HOP Shop Center.  Our high-speed network delivers instant response for DPT kiosk users.  Visitors also receive literature about appropriate sponsor products at each kiosk.  Sponsors logo banner and products will be tastefully woven into the appropriate DPT educational category.  Sponsors receive a banner in the DPT, linking to at least two pages of attractive, full color display advertising, plus a 4” x 8” kiosk signage, and a kept-full 9” x 12” sponsor literature rack.  Through all TWF’s three websites (, and visitors can access these digital tours. The HOP Shop Center will be advertised on our nationally syndicated radio programs and numerous internet search engines.  Our public relations campaign will engage dozens of writers and producers from various targeted media.  The HOP Shop Center is also featured in links from our partners and sponsors websites.  Sponsors receive a logo banner in their DPT, linking to at least two pages of attractive, full color display advertising, links to their websites, plus much more, all spelled out on our sign up sheet (see above).





1.     Electrical

a.       Lighting

                                                               i.      Household lighting fixtures

                                                             ii.      Commercial lighting fixtures

                                                            iii.      Indoor Residential/Commercial Light Bulbs

                                                           iv.      Specialty lighting (display lighting, low-volts)

                                                             v.      Outdoor lighting: 110v, Solar

                                                           vi.      Pond Lighting/controls

b.      Building Controls; thermostats, timers, etc.

c.       Small Batteries/Rechargeables

d.      Electrical Contractors/installation

e.       Wiring, Breakers, Grounding, components, etc.

2.     Plumbing

a.       Water Purification/Filtration

b.      Hydronic Heating

c.       PEX Plumbing Systems

d.      Water Conditioning

e.       Contractor Services

f.        Greywater Systems

g.       Efficient irrigation systems

h.       Composting Toilets: Residential and Commercial

i.         Septic System Products

3.     Gardening/Ag/Landscaping

a.       Pond Gardening Products

                                                               i.      Flowforms, Pumps, Kits

                                                             ii.      Contractors/installation

b.      Solar water pumping

c.       Integrated Pest Management

d.      Composting

e.       Companion Planting

f.        Soil Building: Carbon Cycle

g.       Weather Monitoring & Forecasting

h.       Greenhouses Hydroponics

i.         Gray Water Irrigation systems

4.     Lumber and Building Materials

a.       Recycled Building Materials

                                                               i.      Wood Products

                                                             ii.      Recycled Pavement/Concrete

                                                            iii.      Recycled plastic: Decking, Lumber

                                                           iv.      Recycled Paper

b.      Stone, Granite: walls, walkways, pavers

c.       Sustainable Forestry Products

d.      Efficient Windows/Doors

e.       Insulation:

                                                               i.      Recycled Fiberglass

                                                             ii.      Foams, all types

                                                            iii.      Cellulose

f.        Air Infiltration Reduction products

g.       Responsible roofing materials

h.       Responsible siding materials

i.         Geodesic (wooden) Dome Kits

j.        Woodworking Products

5.     Paints/Sealers/Coatings

a.       Indoor Paints and stains

b.      Indoor Sealers, Glues

c.       Outdoor Paints, Stains and Sealers

d.      Construction adhesives and caulking

e.       Contractors/DIY Installation

f.        Indoor Air Pollution

6.     Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

a.       Efficient Wood Heaters

b.      Efficient Boilers

c.       Gas Furnaces, fireplace inserts

d.      Fresh air systems/exchangers

e.       Passive Solar Design

f.        Ventilation Systems and Kits

g.       Fans/Evaporative Coolers

h.       Air Purifiers and Accessories

i.         Furnace Filters and accessories

j.        Air Infiltration Reduction products

k.      Radiant Heating Systems and Products

l.         Heat Pumps and accessories

m.     Solar thermal/heating

7.     Appliances

a.       Refrigerators and Freezers

b.      Cook tops and conventional ovens

c.       Microwaves

d.      Washers & Dryers

e.       Water Heaters

f.        Small Appliances

8.     Energy Generation

a.       Photovoltaics: Commercial and Residential

b.      Utility Companies

c.       Large storage batteries

d.      Geothermal Heat Pumps

e.       Inverters, Controllers

f.        Wind Generators: Small and Large

g.       Fuel Cells

h.       Conventional Generators

9.     Office Supplies & Equipment

a.       Design Software for Sustainable Buildings

b.      Energy Star: Computers/Monitors/Printers

c.       Information Technologies/Systems

d.      Paper Reduction, Replacements and Recycling

e.       Reusable Ink Cartridges: Bulk Buying

f.        Recycled office products/materials

10.                        Furniture/Furnishing

a.       Recycled Plastic materials

b.      Recycled Wood materials

c.       Sustainable forestry products

d.      VOC sources indoors

e.       Woodworking

11.                        Carpet/flooring/ceiling products

a.       Recycled Plastic products

b.      Sustainable Forestry Products

c.       Cellulose Spray-on Systems

d.      Recycled Wood Products:  Flooring

e.       Recyclable/recycled Carpeting

f.        Floor tile, floor coverings

g.       VOC sources indoors

h.       Ceiling Coverings

i.         Woodworking

12.                         Cleaning, Health and Home Products

a.       Less Polluting General Cleaners

b.      Less Polluting Laundry/Dish Cleaners

c.       Less Toxic Disinfectants

d.      Non-toxic Pest Products

e.       Biodegradable Products

f.        Reusable Containers

g.       More Natural Products: various types

h.       Less Polluting Personal Care Products

i.         Nutritional Supplements

j.        Herbal Remedies

13.                         Various Recycle Products or Programs

a.       Recycling Bins for Homes

b.      Motor Oil/Filter Recycling kits

c.       Recycled/Remanufactured Parts

d.      Battery Recycling Programs

e.       Rechargeable Battery Products

f.        Tire Recycling Program

g.       Light Bulb Recycling Program

h.       Plastic Bag Recycling Program

i.         Paint Recycling Program

j.        Pallet and Packaging Recycling Program

14.                          Shop Tools, Maintenance Services and Techniques

a.       Power Tools

b.      Hand and Manual Tools

c.       Metal Working Tools

d.      Meters, Sensors and Testers

e.       Maintenance Training and Systems

f.        Cleaning Tools, Vacuums


In addition to the DPTs, the HOP Shop programs allow sponsors to feature their products in the physical building site and in the Center's literature.  Sponsors are also permitted to use the HOP® Shop's trademarked name, photos and illustrations in their marketing materials and publicity efforts during Phase II.


Literature:  We are also printing 30,000 new six-panel foldout HOP Shop brochures with a 2” x 4” full color ad space for each sponsor (10,000 each year).


Sponsorship Costs:  Full Sponsorship is $2000 yearly or $5500 for three years.  Partial Sponsorship costs $1000 yearly or $2800 for three years. See sign up sheet for details at


We may add other categories of products (and DPTs) as the HOP Shop project develops.  Feel free to suggest ideas by calling 218-764-2321 or emailing to  Stop by The WATER Foundation and see us when you are in Minnesota.  For directions to the HOP Shop Center, visit


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