Operation H.O.P.

Operation H.O.P. works by offering fun, stimulating lessons by conservation “spokesphibian” Bog Frog®. It’s a great chance for kids to learn valuable lessons on the environment. H.O.P. offers low cost advertising that will enhance your business image.

Retailer Benefits
  • Increased Store Traffic!  Kids make their parents participate! To receive their rewards, children must be brought to the retailer by their parents.
  • Increased Sales!  Parents learn the money saving and health benefits of the lessons. Research shows that parents spend $$$ when kids get them into your stores.
  • Marketing! H.O.P. enhances retailer’s image by showing their involvement in the community, children and the environment. Your store’s location and phone number goes on the homework (Clue Card).
  • Radio Promotions!  Retailers can tie Operation H.O.P. into the local, regional or national radio Frog Friendly Tips messages by Bog Frog airing daily across America.
  • Proven successful in many markets.  Chicago Public Schools approved in 2001.

The H.O.P. Process


Getting Started with H.O.P. is easy.  Simply call The WATER Foundation today. We’ll help you customize an Operation H.O.P. program specific to the needs of your business. To order your H.O.P. kit just print and fill out order form. 

The Official 
H.O.P.™ Kit

  •  Complete Teacher’s Guide
  •  Dozens of Effective Lesson Plans
  • Two "On The Bog" Posters
  • Fifty Clue Cards
  • Two H.O.P. CDs 
  • Many Classroom Activities

Click here to open and print out order form for Operation HOP Kits.

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