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Operation H.O.P. works by offering fun, stimulating conservation lessons by Bog Frog Media "spokesphibian" Bog Frog®.  It’s a great chance for kids to learn valuable lessons on the environment.  Parents enjoy the lessons too!  H.O.P. offers low cost advertising that will enhance your business image.

Retailer Benefits

  • Increased store traffic! Kids make their parents participate!  To receive their rewards, children must be brought to the retailer by their parents.
  • Increase Sales!  Parents learn the money saving and health benefits of the lessons.  Research shows that parents spend $$$ when kids get them into the stores.
  • Marketing!  Operation H.O.P. enhances retailer's image by showing their involvement in the community, children and the environment.  Your store's location and phone number goes on the homework (Clue Card)
  • Radio Promotions!  Retailers can tie Operation H.O.P. into the local, regional or national radio Frog Friendly Tips by Bog Frog airing daily across America.
  • Proven successful in many markets. Chicago Public Schools approved in 2001
Operation H.O.P. Kit Contents

30 Clue Cards  (click to view Front of Clue Card - Back of Clue Card)
30 Auto Recycler Wheels
2 CD's
2 Posters
Lesson Plans

Bf-hand.gif (1321 bytes) Kit cost without imprint of your store. $50.00  Order here.
Bf-hand.gif (1321 bytes) Kit cost with your store's name, address, phone and website imprinted on the Clue Cards. $100.00  Order here.

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The H.O.P. Process

Local retailers obtain the Operation H.O.P. kit, read the instructions, imprint Clue Cards for their stores, choose awards for kids, and finally give the kit to a local teacher.

The teacher then displays the poster in the classroom, plays the H.O.P. audio tape, delivers lesson segments on conservation, explains how kids can win free merchandise (donated by retailer) and become agents for Bog Frog through the Clue Card Q&A.

Children receive a Clue Card to take home and investigate their "pad." Using clues on the card, the children (with parental assistance) fill in the answers, sign the cards and return to the sponsoring store (accompanied by parents) for their free merchandise.  Kids can also participate in fun H.O.P. programs on the Internet.

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Optional Retailer Involvement

Store staff can assist teacher by presenting to the class conservation-related products and services available in their store.  H.O.P. tapes, "On the Bog" posters, additional Clue Cards on other conservation subjects and other merchandise available from BFM as rewards.  Retailers can also send in kids’ names and Bog Frog Media will print a custom "Frog Friendly Home" certificate, signed by Bog Frog® ($1 each, minimum of 20).  Programs can be conducted every year with several area schools to attract more customers. 
Call us for options: (800) 944-FROG.

Getting Started with Operation H.O.P. is simple; and it’s a terrific alternative approach for landing sponsors. Call us toll free at Bog Frog Media, (800) 944-3764. We’ll help you customize an Operation H.O.P. program specific to the needs of your station and local partners.  We also offer information to aid your sponsor search.

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