Motor Oil and Oil Filter Recycling Program

Motor Oil and Oil Filter Sign-Up

Did you know?  Recycling used motor oil & filters is good for business.

Why should I participate?

Used motor oil recycling is good for Minnesota's environment. Consider the fact that it takes just one gallon of used motor oil to contaminate one million gallons of water. In Minnesota alone, every year roughly six hundred thousand gallons of used motor oil are dumped illegally into the environment. By recycling the oil from a single oil change, you are protecting one million gallons of drinking water. That's a years supply for 50 people. Finally, recycling used motor oil helps preserve water quality in our beautiful lakes!

Offering consumer recycling services means positive community recognition. And that can improve business. You can tie your existing environmental programs into Bog Frog's Oil Recycling program into all your marketing efforts. Promote oil recycling through great radio spots (on CD), print ads, in-store signage, handout flyers, tie-ins to community-wide promotions, school programs and more, all in an easy to use promotional kit. Complete kit only $30. Call The WATER Foundation at 1-800-944-3764 to order and for assistance getting started.

Liability:  The liability for any spills/damages/problems from the oil or filters is covered after the oil/filters leave your premises.  The State of Minnesota will exempt you from liabilities if the MPCA rules are followed.  See the Minnesota State Statute 325E for details (call 1- 800- 944- 3764 for a copy).

Expense Reimbursement:  100 percent of all expenses incurred will be reimbursed by the State of Minnesota if you receive contaminated oil.  See the Minnesota State Statute 325E for details (call 1- 800- 944- 3764 for a copy).


Since April 2001, The WATER Foundation (TWF), in partnership with the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (MOEA),  launched an educational campaign designed to teach Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY) the many reasons to recycle used motor oil and filters from all their engines.

A key reason for MOFR is to prevent water from being contaminated. According to the Pollution Control Agency, just one gallon of motor oil contaminates one million gallons of water. In Minnesota alone, over six hundred thousand gallons of used motor oil are being dumped illegally into the environment every year. The number one industry in Minnesota is tourism; the prime reason for this industry is the state’s beautiful waterways. Public health as well as the health of Minnesota’s wildlife is also intimately connected to water quality.

The educational campaign, initially funded by the MOEA and TWF, will feature Bog Frog® as its memorable mascot for clean water and conservation. Statewide network radio messages about MOFR will begin airing April 2, 2001, continuing for at least two years. Community education and in-store publicity kits will also be provided through local radio stations, who will act as catalysts for the program. Local businesses who operate as collection sites for MOFR will receive several promotional benefits from the program, including at least 15 million statewide radio impressions.

Additional benefits for participating businesses include a $250 annual refund check from the MN Department of Revenue, as well as a reimbursement program covering 100% of expenses from disposing of contaminated oil. A liability exemption is also provided for any expenses from accidental spills or problems after the used motor oil, contaminated used motor oil, and used motor oil filters are sent off-site in compliance with rules adopted by the pollution control agency. In other words, Minnesota is truly trying to make it easier for used motor oil and filters to be recycled by showing a willingness to reward business and individuals who participate.

Statewide partnerships in related industries will be encouraged to participate in the education and recycling efforts, providing them with an excellent business image. The WATER Foundation will encourage MOFR partnerships with various trades, including oil and filter manufacturers, automobile manufacturers / dealers, motor sports organizations, manufacturers / dealers of snowmobiles, personal watercraft, lawnmowers, ATVs, and all engines / vehicles requiring oil or filters. Parts manufacturers, parts retailers, hardware stores, home centers, convenience stores, gas / service stations and other retailers of oil / filters will also be solicited to participate.

Educational partnerships will be encouraged with all Minnesota radio stations, television stations, newspapers, magazines, universities, community colleges, high schools, civic organizations, lake associations, water quality educators and chambers of commerce. Radio, television, print pieces, community education kits and website information will be created and distributed by The WATER Foundation to educate the public on MOFR.

The primary goal of the program is to create a sustainable, ongoing recycling infrastructure for motor oil and filters that will reduce our pollution substantially. Almost all Minnesotans use vehicles or engines that require motor oil. It is therefore vital that the public shares the responsibility in properly handling these byproducts— especially now, as oil prices are higher than ever. When handled properly, what we now call waste (used motor oil) can be reused to formulate important resources for the future.

As Minnesota continues a long history of leading environmental initiatives to conserve its 10,000 beautiful lakes and other natural resources, the MOFR program now becomes part of this legacy, helping to conserve a healthy, lasting environment for future generations. By adopting individual MOFR programs, each state can, in turn, leave its natural resources in improved states of health.





Through The WATER Foundation Radio Network

Flights: Flights of network spots available all year long.  Sponsors can choose dates
for optimum scheduling. First come-first served on schedules.
Radio Spots: Each Forty (State Wide) Sixty Second Network Spots called Eco-Auto® Tips:
3 spots per week for 13 weeks in this proposal sample (this creates a total of 2730 spots during this sample flight).
Network: Averaging 70 Licensed, Commercial Radio Stations from the Minnesota News Network. Stations added over 70 will be supplied at no charge.
Dayparts: Spots air in Morning Drive (6-9am) or Afternoon Drive (4-7pm)
  • Average Listeners Per Station: 5,947
  • Listeners Per Spot: 416,269
  • Listeners (aged 18+) per Episode: 395,456
  • Total MN Radio impressions: 16,234,491 (39 spots)
  • 95 Percent Adults Aged 18+ (see station lists/formats)
  • 52 Percent Men / 48 Percent Women
  • Cost Per Network Spot:  $885.50
  • Cost Per Station Spot:  $12.65
  • Total Gross Package Cost:  $34,534.50
  • Cost Per Thousand listenership: $2.13
  • Cost Per Thousand 18+ Adult listenership: $2.24
  • Cost Per Thousand Men 18+ =   $4.31
^ Audience source is 2001 Arbitron County by County
** Demographics from Simmons Research and TWF surveys.

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No charge services provided to complement the radio advertising

  1. The WATER Foundation (TWF) shall assist sponsors in the creation of MOFR radio spots (sixty seconds each), in conjunction with the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (MN OEA). TWF shall record, edit and produce CD masters and make them ready for broadcast (spots tagged by character/voice talent Bog Frog®). 

  2. TWF will provide MOFR sponsors with a limited, non-exclusive licensure on TWF's trademarked character, Bog Frog® and related trademarks (Eco-Auto®, Frog Friendly®, Operation HOP®) for promoting Motor Oil and Oil Filter Recycling in Minnesota. Four-color artwork, voice talent, scripts of Bog Frog's Tips and B/W artwork are available in several for mats for educational merchandising.

  3. TWF will supply an Operation H.O.P. elementary school kit for MOFR, which can be branded for sponsors. School kit contains dozens of lessons/segments, student activities, 2 Bog Frog posters, 2 Bog Frog CDs, 50 homework pieces called Clue Cards (branded for sponsors) and instructions for teachers. Kits are available to sponsors for only $50/kit.

  4. TWF will supply an Eco-Auto® Retailer kit for MOFR, tagged for sponsors, to encourage  participation from sponsors retailers for a cost of only $50/kit. Kit includes sponsor identified handouts, store signage, locally taggable radio spots, newspaper inserts, press releases, four- color Bog Frog poster, school program flyers and other promotional program ideas. The desire of TWF is to create self-sustaining, local recycling programs with this kit.

  5. TWF shall train and encourage all 70 of its Minnesota radio station affiliates to garner  participation in MOFR programs from local businesses and assist them with co-operative local  advertising with their suppliers. Training/promotion will include supplying them with local  kits/school programs, locally taggable radio PSAs, and the Eco-Auto® Retailer kit, monthly communications/updates on MOFR (emailing, paper mailing and telephone calling).

  6. TWF will handle all distribution, dubbing and accounting of all MOFR spots. Spots can be changed as desired with a 30-day notice. Affidavits will be collected by MNN from each station for each spot aired, with the MNN accountability maintained by TWF.






 Operation H.O.P.

Operation H.O.P. works by offering fun, stimulating lessons by conservation “spokesphibian” Bog Frog®. It’s a great chance for kids to learn valuable lessons on the environment. H.O.P. offers low cost advertising that will enhance your business image.

Retailer Benefits
  • Increased Store Traffic!  Kids make their parents participate! To receive their rewards, children must be brought to the retailer by their parents.
  • Increased Sales!  Parents learn the money saving and health benefits of the lessons. Research shows that parents spend $$$ when kids get them into your stores.
  • Marketing! H.O.P. enhances retailer’s image by showing their involvement in the community, children and the environment. Your store’s location and phone number goes on the homework (Clue Card).
  • Radio Promotions!  Retailers can tie Operation H.O.P. into the local, regional or national radio Frog Friendly Tips messages by Bog Frog airing daily across America.
  • Proven successful in many markets.  Chicago Public Schools approved in 2001.

The H.O.P. Process

Getting Started with H.O.P. is easy.  Simply call The WATER Foundation today. We’ll help you customize an Operation H.O.P. program specific to the needs of your business. To order your H.O.P. kit just print and fill out order form. 

The Official 
H.O.P.™ Kit

  •  Complete Teacher’s Guide
  •  Dozens of Effective Lesson Plans
  • Two "On The Bog" Posters
  • Fifty Clue Cards
  • Two H.O.P. CDs 
  • Many Classroom Activities

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"Minnesotans Aren't Stupid" Radio Script


Client: Minnesota OEA Length:  :60 Description: Oil & Filter Recycling

Voice of Minnesotan:

Despite our reputation for wearing funny winter hats and fishing in sub zero temperatures through holes in the ice, Minnesotans aren’t stupid. But sometimes we do stupid things. For instance, over six hundred thousand gallons of used motor oil are disposed of, improperly, each year right here in Minnesota. Considering that one gallon of motor oil can contaminate one million gallons of water you don’t have to be a genius to figure out what’s wrong with this picture. Not that I’m calling you stupid. But on the other hand, this is the "land of 10,000 lakes so dumping motor oil on the ground pretty much makes you stupid, and lazy too, because there are over a thousand places in Minnesota where you can properly recycle motor oil and filters just call 1-800 cleanup for the location closest to you.

Music up:

Tag: (Voice of Bog Frog):

Brought to you by The State of Minnesota and The Water Foundation home of yours truly, Bog Frog.

Music up:

Remember "Conservation Pays". Ribbit!





"Ida and Walter Walleye" Radio Script


Client: State of Minnesota Length:  :60 Description: MOFR Walleye 1

"This is David Winkelman from the Winkelman Angling Team.  For the latest news on motor oil and filter recycling, let's go live to my favorite walleye lake, where two ten pound walleyes are on the scene":  (reporter sounds, keyboard clacking fade into reverb and watery sounds)

(Two walleye talking underwater)

Walter:  "Ya dis is Valter the walleye, en route to da spot where da sewers come out to see if the humans have stopped dumping da oil down the drains."

Ida:  "Dis is Ida da walleye...vee hope dey recycle oil now cuz Bog Frog said everybody shud call 1 800 CLEANUP to recycle da oil."

(fish swimming sounds and watery woosh when they pull up)

Walter:  "Here ve are....and look, dere's no more oily mess!"

Ida:  "Ya Valter, look at dat.  Der's no more oil comin out!  Maybe ve cud do a little spawning again."

Walter:  "Ya, let's go rub our tummies and tink about it!"

So this is David Winkelman saying thanks for recycling oil and filters.  Call 1 800 CLEANUP or go to for a place near you.  As my friend Bog Frog says...."Ribbit.....every drop of oil you recycle helps a tad..Ribbit!"  Brought to you by The WATER Foundation.




Bog Frog Radio Spot #1 (donut)

Client: Minnesota OEA Length:  :60 MOFR donut #1

Bog Frog: "Ribbit! This is Bog Frog with a Frog Friendly tip on Recycling Oil and Filters. (ribbit) On the average, how much oil stays in a used oil filter from a passenger car? Is it two ounces, four ounces or eight ounces? Don’t slip away (ribbit), I’ll hop back in just a tad."

(A different voice with no music background comes on)  "Ever wonder where you can take used motor oil and filters?  No matter where you live, you can find a location near you by calling Earth’s 911 at 1-800 CLEANUP or going to on the internet. It’s free as a public service from the State of MN.  All you have to do is put in your zip code and their super-computers will find places near you.  Keep our state clean by calling 1 800 CLEANUP or go to"

Bog Frog: "Ribbit! On the average a used oil filter is still hiding between two and eight ounces of old, dirty motor oil sludge.  Everybody wins when you recycle oil and filters.  So, be Frog Friendly and recycle.  Every drop recycled helps a tad, Ribbit!"  

Other announcer: "Brought to you by the WATER Foundation and the State of Minnesota."

Bog Frog Radio Spot #2
Client: State of Minnesota Length:  :60 Description: Bog Frog vs Man

Sound FX: Outside/backyard ambience—swamp sounds—frogs
MAN: (whistling cheerfully) BOG FROG: (annoyed) Hey!
MAN: What?! Who’s there? BOG FROG: Down here.
MAN: All I see is a frog. BOG FROG: Bingo!
MAN: You’re not gonna ask me to kiss you so you turn into a prince are you?
BOG FROG: Don’t flatter yourself.
MAN: Hey, wait a minute! I know you! You’re Bog Frog from The WATER Foundation! I’ve heard you on the radio! (Does bad impression) "Ribbit, Conservation Pays!" 
BOG FROG: Stick to your day job.
MAN: (quietly) Well sooo-reee Mr. Big celebrity.
BOG FROG: What do ya think you’re doing?
MAN: Ummmm, having a conservation with a frog? BOG FROG: No, with that.
MAN: Oh this! Well I just changed the oil in my car and now I’m gonna dump it here in the swamp.
BOG FROG: How would you like it if I dumped a bunch of dirty oil in your living room?
MAN: Ewwww! BOG FROG: Precisely. So how do you think my tadpoles will live having oil in our water?
MAN: Well . . . it’s just a little used oil . . . BOG FROG: That’s all it takes. Just one gallon of motor oil pollutes one million gallons of water.
MAN: Whoa. BOG FROG: And what about that filter-there’s still a cup of oil left in the filter.
MAN: You know, if you’re trying to make me feel guilty . . . it’s working.
BOG FROG: Don’t be guilty, be Frog Friendly! There are over 1,000 places here in Minnesota where used oil and filters can be properly recycled. Call 1-800-Cleanup to find the one nearest you, or hop online at
MAN: 1-800-Cleanup? And what was that website? BOG FROG: -- ribbit!
MAN: Alrighty then-I’ll jump right on it.

TAG: (music up) Brought to you by ___________________Remember…

BOG FROG: Ribbit, Conservation Pays!

MAN: Show off.

Music Out


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Bog Frog Motor Oil Recycling Billboards
Here are some mock-up Bog Frog Motor Oil Recycling billboards.  Worthwhile suggestions will be considered.

Billboard 1

Billboard 2

Billboard 3

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