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• Did you know that there are some foods that are great for humans, but harmful to your pets?

• What's the most popular pet insect in the world?

• Can you name the sweet tasting substance common in most households that every year poisons pets?

• Which common animal poses the greatest threat to natural songbird populations?

• What gives cats the amazing ability to always land on their feet?

These audio samples are in MP3 format.


Program Philosophy:

To learn the relationships between our pets and the natural environment.
And to provide simple, effective ways for consumers to conserve our
natural resources while saving money in the process.

Program Delivery:

National and International Network Radio Programs, Internet, Trade Publications, Community Programs.

Program Topics:

Pet Trivia
Pet Safety
Pet Products
Pet Health
Pet History
Natural Pet Treatments

Program Airing:

Year round. Six (6) to twelve (12) episodes per week (:60 and 2:30 vignettes). Program length includes national commercial time.



Internet Directory Service (, Internet Advertising, Bog Frog® licensing, artwork and costumes. An original community program (Operation HOP). Posters. Ad slicks. Sign kits.

Why Bog Frog?
Most people know that scientists consider frogs an indicator species for the health of the environment. Conservation “spokesphibian” Bog Frog has been a symbol of hope for nature since 1987, making over 7 billion impressions to date. Bog Frog's voice is distinctive and memorable, while his messages remain positive and practical, giving consumers a meaningful symbol to remember.
Why Radio?
Like living things on planet earth, radio is everywhere, blanketing every demographic, while remaining highly targetable by station type and by programming. Radio reaches more people than any other single medium. It consumes very few of our natural resources to conduct it's massive educational work. Finally, radio costs less, which means many more people will get your messages everyday via radio with the same investment as print or television.
Why Advertise With
Bog Frog Media?

Conservation remains one of the most important causes of our time; just as the importance of products and services to conserve resources continue to grow each year. To help capture this key market, Bog Frog Media, (a division of The WATER Foundation) offers a potent strategy called “Conservation Marketing™.”

By placing radio ads directly within pertinent programs on the outdoors, messages reach specific action-oriented consumers who support this effort. Cause-related marketing research shows that 83% of consumers have a more positive image of companies who support a cause they care about.

Learn how Conservation PaysTM for your marketing plans.

The Largest Syndicated Conservation Radio Network in the World
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