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Nature provides endless opportunities for camping, fishing, hunting, and much more.  We are surrounded by a world of beauty, but as more and more Americans are heading outdoors it becomes increasingly important to conserve our precious resources.  Outdoor Trivia has been helping since 1989. Hosted by champion angler and naturalist David Winkelman and popular conservation mascot Bog Frog, this award-winning radio program broadcasts intriging questions and answers that create a high awareness and respect for nature.  So, take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air that fills your lungs. Enjoy the trees, lakes, streams, and wildlife.  Enjoy nature at its finest, and with the help of Outdoor Trivia, enjoy it for generations to come.

Program Philosophy: The Outdoor Trivia campaign helps foster an expanded and enlightened view of nature and to provide simple, effective ways to conserve natural resources in practical money saving ways.

If your company offers a product or service that helps conserve our natural resources, the Outdoor Trivia campaign might be for you!

Program Delivery: Commercial Radio Stations in America and the American Forces Radio Network around the world, the Internet,  Publications, Workshops, School and Community Programs.
Affiliated Stations: The American Forces Radio Network (worldwide) and a syndicated group of commercial radio stations across America.
                (Sponsor messages are possible within each program ).
Program Topics:

Fishing Trivia
Camping Trivia
Bird Trivia

Hunting Trivia
National Parks Trivia
General Outdoors Trivia
Program Airing: Year around. Twelve (12) episodes per week (2:30 vignette).
Program length includes national commercial time.
Audience Profile: Reaches all men and women in US military. Heard by 880,000 military listeners several times daily ( measured by US Military).  Several million other people (unmeasured) listen on over 800 English speaking stations in the USA and 179 other countries.  Many other listeners tune in via short wave radios.

With Outdoor Trivia radio advertisement, your company can also take advantage of the following merchandising options:

David Winkelman endorsements and speaking engagements. Contests for dealers and local retailers.
Bog Frog licensing, artwork and costumes.
Operation H.O.P., an original community program.
Posters, Ad Slicks, Website Links, Sign Kits.

Please ask our sales person for more information.

Why Bog Frog?
Most people know that scientists consider frogs an indicator species for the health of the environment. Conservation “spokesphibian” Bog Frog has been a symbol of hope for nature since 1987, making over 7 billion impressions to date. Bog Frog's voice is distinctive and memorable, while his messages remain positive and practical, giving consumers a meaningful symbol to remember. In summary, Bog Frog says "Conservation Pays!"™

Why Radio?

Like living things on planet earth, radio is everywhere, blanketing every demographic, while remaining highly targetable by station type and by programming. Radio reaches more people than any other single medium. It consumes very few of our natural resources to conduct it's massive educational work. Finally, radio costs less, which means more people hear its messages everyday.

Why advertise with
Bog Frog Media?
Conservation remains one of the most important causes of our time; just as the importance of products and services to conserve resources continue to grow each year. To help capture this key market, Bog Frog Media offers a potent strategy called “Conservation Marketing™.”
By placing radio ads directly within pertinent programs on car care, messages reach specific action-oriented consumers who support this cause. Cause-related marketing research shows that 83% of consumers have a more positive image of companies who support a cause they care about. Learn how Conservation Pays™ for your marketing plans.

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