Dedicated to unlocking the secrets of natural living for the 21st century. 
Hosted by Clare Waters™ and friends.

Natural Ways is a unique program enlightens listeners with fascinating, yet practical advice for harvesting the bountiful rewards of our natural resources. Host Clare Waters delivers her messages in an authoritative and kind voice that's delightfully reminiscent of Mother Nature herself. Conservation mascot, Bog Frog, also adds a quick conservation tip at the end of each show. Program topics range from natural home improvements, natural gardening to natural secrets for health, nutrition, skin, hair and body care.©

Natural Ways has aired on over 100 commercial radio stations since its debut in 1999. These shows are set up for local sponsorship. Local ads are placed on center stage within the program, between the question and answer, a time when interest is at its peak– a fact that maximizes the effectiveness of the sponsor’s message. Also, Natural Ways™ is accompanied by local merchandising and community programs.

These audio samples are in MP3 format.

Program Philosophy: To reveal the numerous ways in which consumers can benefit from the wise use of natural resources, while saving money in the process.
Program Delivery:

Natural Ways™ is issued year-round in twelve – 2 1/2 minute episodes per week. Each episode is two tracks. Track one is the question. After track one, there is an opportunity for local sponsorships, Track two is the answer.

 Each station has the option to run the shows once or twice a day. We ask that you run the shows during morning or afternoon drive time or both. New shows arrive bi-weekly via CD or MP3.

Custom liners and interviews with the show hosts are available for the station upon request.

Program Topics:

Home Improvements- Scheduled Maintenance / Safety Tips with Toxin Recycling / Recycled Materials / Clean and Green / Less Toxic Building Materials and others.

Gardening- Indoor Plants / Planting & Storing/Seeds/ Landscaping / Water Issues / General Gardening / Integrated Pest Management / Permaculture and misc.

Health and Nutrition- Prevention / Nutrition / Animal / Pet Care / Herbal Remedies and others.

Personal Care- Skin Care / Whole Body Care / Hair Care / Natural First Aid and others.

Program Airing:

Each program airs every four hours around the clock seven days per week all year long around the world in all time zones

 Internet Directory Service (, Internet Advertising, Bog Frog® licensing, artwork and costumes. An original community program (Operation HOP). Posters. Ad slicks. Sign kits.

Why Bog Frog?
Most people know that scientists consider frogs an indicator species for the health of the environment. Conservation “spokesphibian” Bog Frog has been a symbol of hope for nature since 1987, making over 5 billion impressions to date. Bog Frog's voice is distinctive and memorable, while his messages remain positive and practical, giving consumers a meaningful symbol to remember. In summary, Bog Frog says “Conservation Pays!”™.
Why Radio?

Like water, radio is everywhere, flowing across every demographic, while remaining highly targetable by station type and by programming. Radio reaches more people than any other single medium. It consumes very few of our natural resources to conduct it's massive educational work. Finally, radio costs less, which means more people hear its messages everyday.
Why Advertise With
Bog Frog Media?

Water is one of the most important causes of our time, making our unique cause-marketing effort flow better each year. We are leaders in promoting practical actions, good products, professional services and copious resources that help conserve, purify and protect our waters Since beginning to air in 1989, our listeners have come to trust us for solid facts presented in a fun manner. To help capture this key market, Bog Frog Media offers a potent strategy called “Conservation Marketing™.” By placing sponsors radio messages directly within our programs, listeners are intrigued to visit our web site for more education and links to companies who support our work.

Learn how Conservation PaysTM for your marketing plans.

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