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Bog Frog Media is the nations leading marketing and syndication firm for conservation!
We have developed marketing programs for companies such as Goodyear Tire and Rubber, and Ace Hardware, promoting their environmentally responsible products and increasing their profits. With over 18 years of experience, let us work for you! Click the topics below for more information!

Click here for a list of our past and present sponsors!

Syndicated radio and corresponding internet education on how to conserve our natural resources by using the FREE energy that nature provides and saving money in return.
More than ever before, people are looking for alternatives to ever rising costs to the environment and their pocketbook.
Click here for renewable energy resources for home or business.

#1 Frog Friendly Show 1.5 meg
"Solar, do they work?"
#2 Outdoor Trivia 3.5 meg
"Frogs Use Solar Power"

#3 Natural Ways 3,5 meg
"Garden Solarization"
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BOG FROG Media Television Tip Storyboards
Here you can view Bog Frog television storyboards featuring tips that can save consumers money and at the same time reduce the amount of natural resources being consumed. Also featured are Bog Frog television spots produced by conservation minded companies such as Goodyear. Click Here

Conservation Radio Advertising Hits Home With Consumers
Our radio network is the nations largest syndicated radio network for conservation! With over 10 million impressions every day, we can help you promote your environmentally responsible products and services, world-wide! Click Here

Ace Vendor Programs Through Conservation
and Best Management Practices

Be sure to check out the new ACE Hardware Vendor Programs. Through conservation and best management practices, companies can improve their bottom line and reduce or eliminate their environmental impact. Click Here.

HOP Shop Brings Your Environmentally Responsible
Products and Services to the Home

The HOP Shop is a place for consumers to find new products that are environmentally responsible. Here, you learn how these products work, how they effect the environment, where to find the products, and who makes them. Let the HOP Shop get your business hopping! For details click here.

Eco-Auto / Goodyear Conservation Programs
Our Goodyear Conservation program promotes environmental stewardship through automotive care. Our Eco-Auto campaign provides insight into keeping vehicles running smoothly and reducing the environmental impact of automobiles. For details click here.

Public Relations
Our public relations efforts have proven our ability to generate "earned media". Click the picture to view a sampling of stories and articles, as well as our new E-Books.

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