March for Parks
Conservation Promotion

Each year March for Parks is the nation’s largest walking event for parks. The National Parks & Conservation Association (NPCA) encourages businesses interested in preserving or restoring a park in their community to organize such a march. These annual events historically occur during the spring months of March, April and May, though summer months work too. March for Parks is an effective promotion for helping your station develop long-term sponsors.

The WATER Foundation Radio Network offers programming ideal for sponsorship of many conservation related community efforts. We will work directly with your station to develop a positive community-supported conservation initiative. After all, this is what we do best, while helping you INCREASE STATION REVENUES through creative sales support.

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By airing TWF’s radio tips you can build a large inventory of conservation-focused title
sponsorship spots each year. Combining this with March for Parks live remotes and/or Bog Frog visits at sponsor locations during such special targeted events, printed materials and community partners will help create a highly saleable campaign.


To support each march, NPCA will provide the following, free of charge:

Call 1-800-NAT-PARK (ext 225) or Mail to:

NPCA, March for Parks, 1776 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20036

The WATER Foundation can also provide you with other materials, such as Bog Frog posters and costumes, "Frog Friendly" certificates / awards, water facts and conservation tip cards and other associated materials.

Sponsor Prospects:
Lawn & Garden Stores, Tree Farms/Nurseries/Green Houses, Recycling Centers, Waste Disposal Companies, Recycled Products Manufacturers, Local Solid Waste Offices, Sporting Goods Dealers, Athletic Clubs/Organizations, Tourism Offices, Conservation Group Chapters, Ducks Unlimited, Environmental Businesses, Local Soil & Water Conservation Offices, and more!
Don’t limit yourself!

Strategies and Suggestions:

  1. Follow the NPCA guidebook and other NPCA instructions.
  2. Invite Bog Frog to appear at sponsor locations to promote the march.
  3. Have sponsors hand out TWF catalogs, posters, tip cards and other materials.
  4. Invite Bog Frog to appear in costume in classrooms to hand out Operation H.O.P.™ materials to generate traffic for sponsors.

For more information on March for Parks, e-mail us.

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