Eco-Auto + Kids + Community =
A Profitable Conservation Education Program for Goodyear Retailers!

gy2.jpg (4728 bytes)  Operation HOP ties Goodyear retailers to area schools, families, and community using Bog Frog and Eco-Auto radio programs.

"What better way to get parents into Goodyear Retailers than through their children? According to reliable research, children and the environment are among the strongest themes in marketing. And involving children is a great way to involve adults. A homework flyer from school posted on the family refrigerator gets attention and does not get thrown away. But, how do you involve kids with your store?

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Answer = Operation HOP! (Help Our Planet)

Operation HOP offers a turnkey, positive, high-profile image and marketing opportunity for your store. Operation HOP is a series of classroom lesson segments for kids in grades 2-8 on conservation that work across a wide variety of curricula and teachers. Bog Frog is a symbol of hope for kids everywhere to help assure the future of our planet. Fun incentives encourage kids to become detectives for Bog Frog in their own home. Through a series of Clue Cards, enhanced by the Eco-Auto conservation radio programs and Goodyear ads, kids and their parents learn how to care for the family automobiles and tires through proper maintenance, service schedules, recycling fluids, batteries and other parts through their neighborhood Goodyear Retailers.

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Operation H.O.P.
(Help Our Planet)

Retailer Explanation
Teacher Explanation / Lesson Plan
Two: Operation H.O.P. CD  
Two: "On The Bog" Posters
Thirty: Clue Cards  (imprinted add $50.00 per kit)  Click here to view Front / Back of clue card
Thirty: Auto Recyclers Wheels
Price: $50.00

The Clue Cards are the keys to get kids and parents to visit and support their Goodyear Retailers. Clue Cards are the "homework" part of Operation HOP, handed out in class after the teacher presents the fun conservation lesson. Through the teachers’ kit, which includes Bog Frog cassette, poster, lesson plan and Bog Frog Clue Cards™, kids are taught how they can Help Our Planet at home by reducing automotive pollution. Kids are promised rewards (free stuff and awards) for successfully completing a Clue Card and returning it to the participating Goodyear Retailer. A series of co-op approved radio ads available through the WATER Foundation ties the concepts of "Eco-Auto" to the clue cards and the local Goodyear Retailer.

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This is some of the lowest cost yet most effective advertising you’ll ever do. The cost of a HOP kit is only $50.

Order by calling 1 800 944 FROG or email your order to Click here for an order form.

After you get the kit, getting started is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Imprint the Clue Cards (homework) with your store name address, phone and website.  (Please add $50.00 per kit for printing costs.)
  2. Give them to a local teacher in grades 2-8.  They use lessons, segments, homework and experiments to spice up any class.
  3. Decide what you want to offer as a reward to the kids who come in the store with their completed homework.


Traffic: To receive their rewards, children must be brought to the Goodyear Retailer by their parents.

Sales: Parents learn the money saving benefits of good tires, maintenance, recycling and more.

Marketing: HOP enhances your image by showing your involvement with your community, children and the environment!


Operation HOP is an ongoing program. Teachers can use the kit as many times as they wish. There are new lessons and Clue Cards every month. Kids can also continue to participate here on the Internet. Award certificates are given to each child who, after visiting their Goodyear Retailer, sends a properly completed Clue Card back to The WATER Foundation.

Goodyear, The WATER Foundation, and your local radio station are your "Eco-Auto" partners in this commendable effort.  HOP on board and get the jump on your competitors!

And remember, as a Goodyear Dealer participating in conservation marketing, you can win an expense paid fishing vacation with the Winkelman Angling Team in Minnesota!

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