Hey Kids!  Hang In There With Me!

The future of our planet doesn't have to be in "limb"bo

Frogs need clean water to live, and so do you. Even though most of the earth's surface is made up of water, only one percent of that water is clean enough for you and me to drink. That doesn't seem like very much

In fact, the water we have today is all we're going to get. We just keep recycling the water on our planet through a process called the hydrologic cycle. If we pollute the water along the way, it's not drinkable anymore.

As our planet's population continues to grow, the need for clean water is critical. Conserving water is one of the best ways to make sure we have enough supplies of clean water for the future. Here's a couple of Frog Friendly® tips to help you save water and help our planet™


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