Goodyear / Gemini dealers! Run an ultra-effective ad campaign with radio.  By sponsoring Eco-Auto promotions alongside conservation radio tips you'll be receiving more than just traditional price and product ad time.  Radio is your best, wisest marketing buy today.  And these fun, simple Eco-Auto promotional events will draw customers into your store while bolstering your businesses' community image.  Remember, an Eco-Auto is one that runs super smooth, saves the consumer money and conserves natural resources.

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Contact us at (800) 944-3764. In conjunction with Goodyear and Gemini, we offer an Eco-Auto® kit that outlines proven methods for making these promotions work for your business. In addition, the kit includes an Eco-Auto® CDs, Bog Frog poster, tip cards for customers and other creative sales materials.

Consider the following promotional ideas-- they will help increase store traffic and loyalty with customers!

Sponsoring retailer offers a discount coupon on a new tires, oil change or battery (or other) when consumers but new ones or bring in their vehicles for recycling. Or run a "Recycle Day" in your parking lot with local government agencies-- involve more of the community--free help--  enhance image, increase store traffic and sales!

Establish a local promotion for Eco-Auto service during national Car Care Month (October). Call for a kit of materials from the Car Care Council at (419) 734-5343.

Sponsor a contest for the best Eco-Auto tip of the week, month and/or year. Local school or retailer can judge. Offer prizes. Participants (students) bring parents along to drop off completed tip cards--- increase store traffic! Place entry blanks in stores and schools. Order Bog Frog® merchandise from (800) 944-FROG.

Set up a portable recycling facility for automotive fluids. Safety-Kleen We Care® will provide a good system. Call (800) 323-5040 for more information. Or contact your local hazard waste office, who may also help set up a system. Then promote the program; customers appreciate environmental commitment and reward sponsoring business with increased sales.

Garner publicity by offering specials during conservation events. Rent Bog Frog® costume for in-store promotions, parades, clean-ups-- Publicity! Works well during Car Care Month (October), Earth Day (April 22), etc.

Offer coupons on various items that reduce pollution. Design and print a coupon using Eco-Auto Tips on one side for more ways to keep customer’s coming back. (call The WATER Foundation for information on print modules and blank tip cards).

Great source for automotive environmental compliance information. See below.

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Automotive Career Education Day
October is National Car Care Month. During this time, a whole host of automobile related promotional events occur. One of the most popular-- due of its involvement with public schools, vocational schools and colleges-- continues to be Automotive Career Education Day. This annual event is offered free to all registered schools and institutions by CCAR® (Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair).


One of the primary functions of CCAR is to help the automotive industry create solutions for building and maintaining vehicles with low environmental impact. A recent lack of qualified automotive mechanics, however, has compromised the quality of service in auto repair centers.

With Automotive Career Education Day, CCAR aims to interest potential mechanics into this exciting and rewarding field. This event showcases to students and school counselors a variety of career opportunities and skill requirements. In the first three years, the event reached over 300,000 students and counselors in over 6,000 middle schools, high schools and colleges. In 1998, recognizing the importance of the automotive service industry in the economy, governors from over 20 states proclaimed October 27 as "Automotive Career Education Day."


You can promote Automotive Career Education Day in your local community by sponsoring The WATER Foundation’s Eco-Auto® Radio Tips. Air them as many times as you can leading up to the event.  Stations will work with you and air many bonus spots for this great public service program.  This event is a wonderful image building tool, as it works through public schools and local colleges. There’s no better way to do this than by being involved with kids and education.

The WATER Foundation offers many educational and promotional events tailored to up your sales and boost your local image. These programs give you and your staff an opportunity to explore non-traditional marketing methods, under the cause of conservation--a timely, positive community-linked issue.

Make these promotions into a long-term marketing "system" by helping integrate our popular Operation H.O.P. program in a local school. H.O.P. works by offering kids valuable and fun lessons on natural resource conservation. Games and prizes reward students for knowledge of conservation facts. We recommend integrating Automotive Career Education Day into your Operation H.O.P. program as part of a year-long promotional program.

Call The WATER Foundation at (800) 944-3764 for moreccar1.jpg (7575 bytes) information. We will help your business design and start-up these promotions and others to fit your local community.

For more information and/or materials on Automotive Career Education Day, call CCAR-Greenlink at (913) 498-2227 or see their web site


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