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A brief synopsis by The WATER Foundation as of May 1999
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For the past four years, Goodyear has been slowly developing a Goodyear Conservation Marketing Initiative. It started in 1994 as a partnership with The WATER Foundation to promote the tire recycling and waste reduction programs developed through Goodyear’s Public Relations Department (Mary Manley, Jack Zimmer, Andy Eastman).

In 1995, the initiative branched out into national advertising with a Goodyear sponsorship of national radio broadcasts on conservation, the award-winning Eco-Auto® Tips, produced and syndicated by The WATER Foundation (TWF). In addition, Goodyear licensed TWF’s conservation character, Bog Frog®, as a symbol for conservation to provide continuity through out their marketing and educational efforts.

Prompted by Goodyear retailers who participated with the Eco-Auto programs on local radio, an Eco-Auto kit for Goodyear Retailers was developed by TWF in cooperation with Goodyear advertising executives, (George Drop, John Boland) and ad agencies Hitchcock Fleming and J. Walter Thompson. The current version of the kit is available through Goodyear Co-op Hotline number 1-800-628-5050.

To date, there are over 500 dealers who have ordered an Eco-Auto kit or participate with the radio programs. In January 1999, TWF had a successful Eco-Auto booth at the Goodyear regional convention in Chicago, with virtually every dealer who stopped by the booth showing interest. The idea was born there to establish a steering committee now called the Green Team. The Green Team consists of several Goodyear retailers, district & regional managers, corporate executives and outside conservation service providers and specialists, including government agencies.

The Green Team will act as the steering committee to make Eco-Auto more of a mainstream service for Goodyear retailers as we move into the next century. Services like recycling of tires, auto fluids, refrigerant, batteries, asbestos brake pads, etc. will be mandatory soon nationally. Other preventative services for reducing pollution: better tires, tune-ups, emissions checks, alignment checks, tire rotation, etc., combined with educational programs will give Goodyear a strong competitive advantage. There is a big future in these services, which will attract more customers (including the upscale "green" consumer) to retail locations and promote a great business image for Goodyear.

E-mail us here at The WATER Foundation and let us know how we can better serve you. Or, if you have good news or ideas that you would like to share.


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Click to View Minutes of Green Team Meeting June 20, 1999
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