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Simple Simon Tire & Car Care

The WATER Foundation
9121 CR 23
Brainerd, MN 56401

Re: Eco-Auto Contest 2003

August 8, 2003

  Being from the Bayou State we are very interested in preserving the beauty of Louisiana.  We are pleased that Goodyear supports an Eco-Auto program.  Every year on Earth Day a celebration is held in the downtown Baton Rouge area.  Along with good food and music, booths are set up to help promote ecology awareness.  We were proud that we were able to represent the automotive industries efforts to do their part through the use of the Eco-Auto program.  The programs mascot the Bog Frog was a smashing success as he walked in the parade waving and shaking hands with the children.  Our booth had literature on recycling auto related products for the adults and color sheets with eco-tips from the Bog Frog for the children.  We are also using radio public service announcements to inform the public that we are an official drop off location for their used oil, tires, antifreeze and batteries.
  Our customers are pleased that we are doing our part for the environment.  Although we have just started this campaign we are already seeing positive results in our business.  Showing the public that we are eco-aware has taken our good image and kicked it up a notch. BAM!  We applaud The Water Foundations efforts to make us all more eco-aware and intend to continue to support this program.

Angela Simon

Simple Simon Tire & Car Care
Baton Rouge, La



The WATER Foundation

9121 CR 23

Brainerd, MN 56401


RE: Bog Frog Eco-Auto Campaign –April 20, 2002 – May 31, 2002


Campaign started with Earth Day Celebration at Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo on Saturday, April 20, 2002. We had a booth and passed out Eco-Auto service tips (copy attached) & oil, lube & filter discount coupons (copy attached). Over 500 people attended the Earth Day celebration according to Monroe Beautification Coordinator, Mr. Richard Moore. We had our framed Eco-Auto certificate & “We Recycle” sign on display and Bog Frog was at the booth passing our Eco-Auto tips & walked around the zoo.


Newspaper insert of Friday April 9, 2002 promoting Earth Day is attached as well as article in Sunday April 21, 2002 paper.


May 1, 2002 kicked off the TV campaign of 30 sec Bog Frog spot on KTVE –NBC Channel 10 and KARD –FOX 14.


May retail results were outstanding:

1)      Louisville Avenue store up 27.1% total sales; 38 % in service sales.

2)      West Monroe store up 6.8% total sales; 10.1% in service sales

3)      Bastrop store up 10.6% total sales; 16.9 in service sales.


We are sold on the Eco-Auto campaign! We are getting numerous positive comments about our campaign from customers, friends and people on the street. We will continue to run the TV spot at various times this year. Next year we are looking forward to an even better campaign as we have learned a lot this year. We will be doing a better job of planning our campaign and adding other participants!

Ray Patron, President



Egle Tire Centers, W5736 CTH M, Medford, WI

July 4th, 2002

Dear Dave,

Jim Miller and I had a great time fishing with you on Lake Mille Lacs this past June. It's always enjoyable and educational when you share time and ideas. You had mentioned that you had been meeting with Goodyear on how best to market recycling and conserving energies.  As a Goodyear dealer, I would like to add my support to this endeavor. The WATER Foundation and the Eco-Auto program can greatly benefit us.  Your use of tact and humor in your marketing programs tune listeners into caring about the environment in a way they can digest.  We hope the Goodyear Corporation Green Team continues to support your ideas and makes automotive recycling a core marketing issue.

I was also very impressed when we stopped by your "Eco-Domes office.  As a company, you not only market your ideas, you practice them.  What an inspiring place for anyone to see who cares about the future of both nature and the economy. In addition, I'd like to thank you for meeting with my son and daughter-in-law on their land development project.  They enjoyed your hospitality and learned a lot about how to make their project as environmentally friendly as possible, which is their goal.


Ben Egle

Michael Novack - G.M. - Superior Auto Centers (Gemini) - Florida

"We are very proud to be a part of the Eco-Auto campaign! With help from the Eco-Auto Kit we have formulated and implemented a plan to bring greater customer and community awareness of conservation. All associates from our four Gemini locations are excited about the program. Also, we have seen an increase in customer sales . . . customers respond very favorably to helping the environment. Eco-Auto is exactly what we need to expand our business."

T.R. Storms - V.P. - Johnny Wheels - Corbin, KY

"So far, the results have been excellent! Teaching Bog Frog tips at the school was a deeply rewarding experience. I look at the entire program as a long-term commitment. Our community is a better place, and our customers are showing their appreciation with their wallets. We look forward to working with The WATER Foundation and Eco-Auto in the future."

Dan Ochocki - G.M. - Heartland Tire Service (Gemini) - St. Cloud, MN

"I have been very happy with the Eco-Auto concepts. We’ve been giving away posters and tip cards to kids at the store. We also ran an Eco-Auto conservation and recycling print ad in the local newspaper. Next year, we plan to sponsor the tips on our local radio stations."

Kim Wear - Account Executive - Radio Marketing Group - Grand Forks, ND

"Schumacher Gemini is very enthusiastic about sponsoring Eco-Auto Tips on KNOX-AM. They employed Bog Frog to attend local baseball games, handing out discounts on Eco-Auto oil changes and giving Bog Frog coloring books to kids. Bog Frog and Eco-Auto have been very well received. And Schumacher Gemini couldn’t be happier."

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More Goodyear / Gemini Testimonials

David Drown - Goodyear Regional Sales Manager

"I want to thank you for all you have done over the years in support of strong environmental issues that impact all of us. Your Eco-Auto® Tips programs have been a fantastic way to bring the conservation message to the motoring public.

At Goodyear, our network of stores and dealers are being made aware of environmental issues every day. Proper recycling of tires, waste oil, anti-freeze, batteries, along with fuel consumption, air pollution and other issues are now confronting tire and auto service retailers.

Getting Goodyear retailers involved with your conservation marketing programs can be an excellent vehicle to get the word out that they too are aware, concerned and pro-active when it comes to protecting the environment and communities we all share. With all the negative press the automotive service industry has received over the years, it can only be a WIN-WIN for the dealer that takes a positive position on these issues.

Over the past few years I have worked with and seen dealers utilize your conservation marketing programs successfully. Part of the success of these programs can be attributed directly to the overwhelming concern that the public has for the environment. I like the Eco-Auto program because of the many ways it can be taken to market starting with the grass root program HELP OUR PLANET. I have seen the HOP program implemented by dealers at local schools with classroom demonstrations that get the children involved, which in turn involves their parents. Eco-Auto tip / Car Care seminars at the dealer’s location are another way to involve the customer.

The cost of conservation marketing is another positive reason for Goodyear dealers to get involved. These programs can be designed, produced and implemented at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising resulting in higher store profits.

The WATER Foundation and Bog Frog programs are fun, entertaining, customers appreciate them. The positive image they project, added to the above, creates all the elements needed to have a successful promotion.

I look forward to future WATER Foundation ideas and programs."

Thank You,

David Drown


Paul Suloff - National Advertising Manager - Goodyear / Gemini

"Looks like Dave Drown is a worthy ambassador from Goodyear. He has many good ideas. Remember 4th quarter Fast Forward is mailing in late August. Any items to be included are needed by Aug. 15. Also this is a meeting kit edition. Which means in addition to sending envelope in the mail, Field people hold a meeting. We send a CD with a meeting agenda and Power Point presentations for the Field Managers to present. If this represents an opportunity for Bog Frog® lets discuss."


T.R.Storms - Owner - Johnny Wheels Service Center - Corbin, KY

"In today's competitive business environment, advertising is the name of the game. Most advertising, however, can be expensive and cause customers to shop price and only look for the best deal. That is why we chose to promote our company's image heavily. Conservation is now a big part of what we do to achieve our advertising success.

The WATER Foundation's programs have become important marketing tools for our business. As you pointed out, we were already doing lots of recycling and reducing of pollution as a normal part of being a responsible Goodyear Retailer, but our customers did not know about these services. We now make conservation a meaningful part of our corporate image in our community.

We began by advertising on the Eco-Auto™ Tips radio programs on our local stations to provide a backbone for conservation. The programs are positive and connect directly to our business. Next, we started using the Eco-Auto kit materials, hung the poster, and distributed Bog Frog's Tip cards and proudly displayed our Conservation Pledge in the showroom. After much positive feedback from our customers, we expanded our programs to include the Operation HOP (Help Our Planet)™, which I personally conducted in our local elementary schools.

At first I was a little leery of reaching out to children to grow our business but when I saw how interested the kids were, it became fun. The Operation HOP kit makes teaching the class a breeze and the Clue Cards were sent home with the kids to do the "detective work" with their parents. I followed the guidelines and simply gave out the clue cards, which were self-explanatory. After filling out the clue cards, many of the children's parents came in to see the store, received discount on service and expressed positive feedback about our efforts.

We know we've increased our business by offering recycling for waste oil, antifreeze and tires. We've also stepped up our efforts to promote retreading commercial truck tires, which has also increased sales. Before every oil change the customer's car is driven across a machine which instantly checks the alignment. The customer is then given a printed readout of how much the tow is out in ft/mi. This helps reduce tire wear and fuel mileage. These type of conservation services will help us meet the needs (and regulations!) of the new century and cultivate much loyalty in our customers.

Doing good for the environment has been good for our business. In short, we have become leaders in our community for conservation. The WATER Foundation and Bog Frog have helped us communicate this to the public and the public has rewarded us with increased sales and profits. We now know that Conservation Pays™."

T. R. Storms


Wally Francis - Goodyear / Gemini District Sales Manager - Minneapolis, MN
"The Minneapolis/St Paul area dealers decided to endorse the Eco-Auto® concept early in 1999. Our local advertising council felt it may give us a definitive edge over the competition. Actually the costs are minimal and the dealers have a "feel good" attitude about it. Our emphasis has been to have all locations order the FREE Eco-Auto kit, display the material, and talk about it with customers and employees. Our multi-sig advertising pieces include Bog Frog tips on why tires should be rotated, why engines should be in top running condition, and why your vehicles fluids should be recycled. Most of our locations are transforming into GEMINI stores.

Eco-Auto seems to fit right into the concept of caring about customers and their vehicles rather then just selling services and tires. We all care about the environment, so why not tell our customers that we recycle tires, fluids, cores, etc.

Some locations have recently ordered the Operation HOP kits to be used by local grade schools and boy and girl scout groups. It's too early for much feedback, but we like the idea of reaching out to the community in a positive manner rather then always trying to sell something. Actually we are selling through Eco-Auto, but in a quiet manner.

Over the next year our plans are to expand our exposure. Many metro dealers are now using these ideas in their own local advertising. The competition has yet to respond to our media messages. This suits us just fine. GEMINI is gathering momentum and Eco-Auto is a good partner."

Wally Francis
Minneapolis, MN


Green Team Member Ken Phelps - Gemini Retailer - Hartje Tire Center
"I hope Goodyear will support our steering committee. I feel this is very important and will be beneficial to all Goodyear Dealers. If you have any follow-up information please pass it on.

You can write or call me at Hartje Tire Center anytime. 1-800-HARTJES

Thanks, Ken Phelps"


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