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Join The Eco-Auto® Group!

 What’s In It For Me?

Eco-Auto provides cause-related marketing programs consisting of recycling signs and flyers, recycling resources like customized oil recycling bucket kits, and an on-line disposal locator service at www.hopshop.net.

Promotional and educational tools include:

• Radio spots, PSAs and Eco-Auto radio tips
• Annual Eco-Auto conservation contest
• Bog Frog® costume and promo items
• Drivers training and elementary school programs
• Coupons, print ads and other promo items
• Recycling educational “wheel” for customers
• Awards and certificates for customers and employees


The Eco-Auto Kit

Eco-Auto® Programs Save More Than Money!

Everyone is aware of pollution created by vehicles. An Eco-Auto conserves natural resources and helps keep the population healthy. In addition, the Eco-Auto programs help:

• Save your stores money on service operations costs and disposal fees
• Attract new customers with exciting marketing promotions
• Increase customer loyalty by assisting the local community
• Increase employee respect through your commitment to pollution reduction

Sign Up Today!

Phone, fax or e-mail The WATER Foundation using the following information:

The WATER Foundation, 9121 County Road 23, Brainerd, MN 56401
Phone: 218-764-2321 • Fax: 218-764-3582 • E-mail: goodyear@bogfrog.com

The WATER Foundation Questionnaire

Click here for a Acrobat Reader version of the questionnaire.

We have been able to find better sources for by-products of the automotive service industry for our clients. In some areas, markets are growing for scrap tires, used motor oil and other used auto parts.
Please answer the following questions to see how we can assist you.

Company: ______________________________________  Non-Sig Number: ________________________
Your Name: ______________________________________  Phone Number: ________________________
Street Address: _______________________________________________________________________
E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________________________________

1. Who picks up your scrap tires now? (Name of company and phone number.)


2. Who picks up your used motor oil? (Name of company and phone number.)


3. Do they also pick up oil filters?_______ If No, then what do you do with them?


4. Who picks up your spent batteries? (Name of company and phone number.)


5. How do you dispose of other parts or fluids (anti-freeze, brake fluid, etc.)?


6. Which of these services do you pay for?


Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your answers to these questions will help us guide you in the process of saving money on disposal and recycling services, plus fight water and land pollution. Send your completed questionnaire to: The WATER Foundation, 9121 County Road 23, Brainerd, MN 56401, by fax at 218-764-3582 or by e-mail at goodyear@bogfrog.com.

   Click here for a Acrobat Reader version of the questionnaire.




Help the environment and help your business! Automobiles can be a major source to pollution. But Eco-Auto has some simple and effective ideas to make vehicles more ecologically safe. And with the Eco-Auto Recycling Kit, you’ll get all the tools you need to advertise your commitment to conservation, and educate customers about what they can do for the environment!

This Kit Is Packed With Valuable Tools!

Inside the new Eco-Auto Recycling Kit, you’ll find a helpful step-by-step guide to implementing simple,
effective promotions in your area. You’ll also receive excellent Eco-Auto promotional tools and an
interactive CD-ROM filled with fun Eco-Auto ideas, tips and artwork.

The New Eco-Auto Kit Includes:
• An Eco-Auto CD-ROM
• Radio Spots, Tips & PSAs
• A 4-Color Newspaper Ad
• Approved Print Ads & Inserts
• A Direct Mail Postcard
• A “We Recycle!” Sign
• The Car Care Council Guide
• An Eco-Auto Certificate
• And So Much More!

Your Kit Could Help You Win Big!
The new Eco-Auto Recycling Kit could help you win an all-expense paid vacation to the Brainerd Lakes in Minnesota! That’s three fun-filled days of golfing, fishing and relaxing near the beautiful North Country lakes. Just enter your Eco-Auto promotion in the Eco-Auto Conservation Marketing contest by June 1, 2003. And you could be the next winner! For more information, visit www.bogfrog.com/goodyearguide.htm.  To order your new Eco-Auto Recycling Kit, call the The WATER Foundation at 1-800-944-3764. Or, visit www.bogfrog.com/goodyearguide.htm.


FAST FORWARD - Second Quarter 2003

Energy costs are rising. And we face serious challenges with the largest oil-producing nation in the world. That’s why Eco-Auto promotions and tips are more important than ever. Goodyear retailers can help Americans reduce oil usage and pollution by having an Eco-Auto promotion this spring.

What is an Eco-Auto?
An Eco-Auto is a fuel-efficient vehicle in good working condition. They reduce waste, decrease emissions, conserve fuel and save money. It’s easy to achieve Eco-Auto status. Simply combine regular maintenance, proper tires and safe driving with the proper recycling of automotive fluids, batteries, tires and parts.

Eco-Auto Promotion Ideas.
There are many ways you can help Americans reduce oil usage and pollution. Here are a few suggestions:
• Free tire inflation checks
• Free tire recycling
• Free oil recycling
• Free tire rotations
• Free alignment checks
• Free emissions checks
• Free fluid leak checks
• Earth Day tune ups on April 22
• Sponsor an Eco-Auto driver education class
• Sponsor local recycling efforts

Get More Eco-Auto Promotion Ideas And Information.
For more information and materials to help with your promotion, order the Eco-Auto Kit from The WATER Foundation. Simply visit www.bogfrog.com/goodyearguide.htm. Or, call The WATER Foundation at 1-800-944-3764. Start Planning Your Eco-Auto® Promotion! The Eco-Auto Kit!

Support Your Promotion With Eco-Auto Tips.
Eco-Auto radio tips play an important part in the success of your local promotion. Back for the ninth consecutive season, Eco-Auto radio tips are stronger than ever. The series is
produced and syndicated by The WATER Foundation. It airs during AM and PM drive times, six days a week, all year long. The WATER Foundation is pleased to announce that in  2003, the tips will air on 625 commercial radio stations, which cover  over 80 percent of America. Sporting one solid tip per vignette, these 60-second sound bites are fun and effective ways to learn about automobiles. Goodyear radio commercials are placed within Eco-Auto tips during retail advertising and marketing promotional periods. Plus, you can sponsor the Eco-Auto tips between National Promotions Periods. Simply contact your local radio station. For a station near you, call The WATER Foundation at 1-800-944-3764.

Be A Solution To Excess Consumption And Pollution.

Automobiles can be a major contributor to pollution. So join with Max Mileage® and Bog Frog® as they talk about fun, simple and effective ways to make our vehicles more ecologically safe. More importantly, make sure you hold an Eco-Auto promotion and advertise on your local radio stations. It will not only be good for the environment, it will help you build a stronger bond with customers and your community. As an added incentive, you could win the 2003 Eco-Auto Contest. If your promotion is selected, you’ll win an all-expense paid vacation to the Minnesota Lakes area. For more information, call The WATER Foundation at 1-800-944-3764 or visit www.bogfrog.com/goodyearguide.htm.



FAST FORWARD - First Quarter 2003

ECO-AUTO Contest Provides Greater Sales
And A Chance To

Make a mark in your community and enhance your business image by helping to protect the community and the environment.  You’ll achieve a positive image for your dealerships – and a chance to win a great vacation!

The Eco-Auto Contest is hosted by The WATER Foundation, a leading conservation organization.  The contest’s purpose is to encourage local businesses to educate the public on how to keep automobiles environmentally responsible

You could win the 2003 Eco-Auto contest!  Anytime between now and July 30, 2003, conduct an Eco-Auto promotion and document it with copies of radio, print, and television coverage, photos of kids’ activities and community programs, etc. 

Send all materials to:
The WATER Foundation
9121 County Rd. 23,
Brainerd, MN 56401                                                             

What You’ll Win
The Winner of the Eco-Auto Contest receives the 2003 award plaque, recognition at the Goodyear convention, a three-day golfing and fishing vacation in the heart of the beautiful Minnesota lakes area and a tour of the Eco-Dome Conservation showcase.



Ways To Qualify

Several programs kits can be ordered for use in qualifying for the Eco-Auto Contest.  They include:

  • Operation HOP®.  Operation Help Our Planet encourages kids to quiz their parents about the proper care of their car.  Kids who complete the homework are directed to visit the sponsoring dealership for posters and certificates. 
  • Youth Leadership.  Local Scouts, 4-H Clubs and other youth groups are taught how to organize community recycling campaigns.  Store messages and coupons are woven into area-wide distribution of store-branded recycling kits, broadcast announcements, flyers, etc. 
  • Lean, Green Driving Machine.  Driving education students are shown an educational video on the operation of an environmentally efficient vehicle.  Homework is provided; incentives drive students to sponsoring store. 
  • Oil and Filter Recycling Bucket Kit.  Five gallon bucket with filter drain screen and six quart oil pan to be distributed by youth groups throughout the community.  Features space for brand and local messages.  For on-line purchasing go to www.bogfrog.com/bucketsystems.htm, or call 1-218-764-2321.
  • 2003 Eco-Auto Store Kit.  Features print ad slicks, counter cards, a CD of radio spots, web pages, posters and more material to promote Eco-Auto events. The cost for an Eco-Auto Kit is $50.  On-line: www.bogfrog.com/goodyearguide.htm 


For more information on any of the items listed above contact the WATER foundation at 218-764-2321 or info@bogfrog.com




Last Year’s Winner

Ray Patron of Moore & Patron Tires & Service Goodyear/Gemini dealers in Monroe, Louisiana was the 2002 Eco-Auto Contest winner.  Ray promoted the Eco-Auto program using radio and TV broadcast auto tips that connected recycling and pollution prevention to tire purchases and Gemini service.  The multi-dimensional campaign raised sales as high as 38% in the first month alone!

The Eco-Auto Contest in an opportunity to enhance your business image, and win a great vacation in the meantime!  Call the WATER foundation at 1-218-764-2321 for more information on bringing Eco-Auto promotions to your locations.



FAST FORWARD - Fourth Quarter 2002


Learn Effective Cause-Marketing from the
2002 Contest Winner!

The winner is Moore & Patron Tires & Service, Goodyear / Gemini dealers out of Monroe, Louisiana.  Owner Ray Patron, orchestrated an effective series of conservation-minded activities.  Patron spearheaded the Eco-Auto program with broadcast advertising, including the Eco-Auto Radio Tips on four local stations and an Eco-Auto television spot featuring Bog Frog, cleverly connecting their tire sales and Gemini services with recycling and pollution prevention.  Many elements went into the overall campaign, which increased sales up to 38 percent in the first month alone!

Ray Patron proudly states:

“We are sold on the Eco-Auto campaign! We are getting numerous positive comments from customers, friends, and people on the street.   We will continue to run the (television and radio) spots and look forward to even better campaigns because of what we’ve learned.  Retail sales results were outstanding!

Moore & Patron utilized the Eco-Auto kit, radio tips, television ad and the Bog Frog costume in some very effective ways that increased their business as follows:

 Tire Sales             Gemini Sales
 Store #1: Up 27.1%        Up 38%
     Store #2: Up 6.8%         Up 10.1%
     Store #3: Up 10.6%       Up 16.9%

Business Imaging

“Eco-Auto has become a cornerstone in building our corporate business image and is now integrated into all of our marketing efforts.”  Ray Patron

You can get the details of the entire campaign at www.bogfrog.goodyearguide.htm. The Eco-Auto conservation contest is an annual function of The WATER Foundation, a leading conservation organization from Minnesota.  Eco-Auto radio tips are carried on over 800 radio stations across America which you can sponsor locally through your co-op program.  Bog Frog, the mascot for Eco-Auto, is a national icon for conservation. You can rent Bog Frog costumes; purchase Eco-Auto materials and recycling tools from The WATER Foundation at the address below.  The winner of the Eco-Auto contest receives the 2002 award plaque and honors at the Goodyear convention, an expense paid vacation including three days of fishing and golfing in one of the most delightful outdoor recreation areas in America, as well as an inspiring tour of the internationally acclaimed Eco-Dome Conservation Education Center.


Call 1-218-764-2321 to purchase an Eco-Auto Kit for $50.  Instructions for conducting effective Eco-Auto promotions are included, along with dozens of great tool and promotional aids.  You could win the 2003 Eco-Auto contest!!! Anytime between now and June 30, 2003, conduct an Eco-Auto promotion and document it by keeping copies of radio coverage, print media, television coverage, photos, activities, kids and/or community programs, etc., and send these materials to:

The WATER Foundation, 9121 CR 23, Brainerd, MN 56401.  You could be next year’s winner!




FAST FORWARD - Third Quarter 2002


With Bog Frog® Bucket Brigade and GreenBack Coupons, You Can Increase Traffic and Sales.

A great tool for anyone who changes their own oil and a great way to advertise your service business.  Includes top oil pan, filter drain shelf and spill proof bucket, imprinted with your business.  Local non-profits like Scouts or student groups can help distribute buckets as fund-raisers.

With an incentive to buy every time they come in for recycling, Bog Frogs GreenBacks are great ways to put more Green in your business!  Use them alone or with the Oil Buckets to help create loyal customers with your Frog Friendly incentives.


Custom containers:  Our minimum order for custom imprinted containers is 288 except for special sample runs.  If your order is for less than 1,008 containers, add $200.00 for the printing plates. 

Orders of 1,008 containers or more include the cost of the printing plates.

Plate charges are one time only, unless changes are made to the plates after they are completed.  Note: our container manufacturer ships containers to us by the pallet (144 containers).  If possible please try to order in multiples of 144.

Artwork:  If you wish to use special graphics or logos, please send camera-ready artwork or your logo on a disk in almost any format.  Send a rough sketch of what you would like to have on the front panel and we send back artwork for your approval.  There is no charge for our artwork preparation.  From the time your written approval of the artwork is received, we can normally ship your order within three weeks.  Please call 218-764-2321 if you have any questions.

Shipping:  All orders are shipped best way.  Containers are normally packed in a 2’ X 2’ X 2’ carton containing 12 containers weighing 40 pounds.  We can also ship bulk on larger orders at your request.  If your storage space is limited, we can ship in installments.  Please call 218-764-2321 or write: The WATER Foundation, 9121 County Road 23, Brainerd, MN 56401 for details.

Click here to go to our Motor Oil and Filter Recycling Page.

Freight & Taxes:  All applicable freight and taxes will be added to all orders.

All orders must be accompanied by a purchase order and shipping instructions

Terms: Net 30 Days.

Custom Bucket System Quantities

288 - 1,008

$13.00 per unit

1,009 to 2,016

$12.00 per unit

2,017 to 8,064

$11.00 per unit

Over 8,064

$10.00 per unit




FAST FORWARD - Second Quarter 2002



FAST FORWARD - First Quarter 2002

What Is A Goodyear ECO-AUTO®?

There are over 500 million cars traveling the world's roadways today. To live in today's world, consumers need to drive cars. Automotive transportation is the largest industry in the world. Our vehicles are a huge factor in the success of our economy, but in the wake of it all, the natural environment tends to be overshadowed. We all know that vehicles create pollution, but most people don't know what to do to stop it. Fortunately, we all can help to reduce that pollution.  And that's where the Goodyear Eco-Auto program comes into play.

Goodyear's Eco-Auto Tips Programs educate and entertain consumers during drive time radio. These fun and practical shows are followed daily all across America by millions of listeners. So what is a Goodyear Eco-Auto? It's a vehicle that is well tuned, receives regular maintenance for better fuel efficiency and longer life, and properly recycles old tires, batteries and automotive fluids. Eco-Autos conserve natural resources and keep the environment clean, while saving money.
The Goodyear Eco-Auto Tips reach listeners while they are behind the wheels of their cars, which makes Eco-Auto an ideal medium for driving home national and local Goodyear advertising. Also, radio reaches more people than any other single medium and radio consumes very few of our natural resources. Eco-Auto Tips are now featured on over 2,000 stations on TWF's national radio network that means that a radio station in your local area plays Eco-Auto tips to your current and potential customers.

The WATER Foundation remains an industry leader in media education on conserving natural resources.



FAST FORWARD - Fourth Quarter 2001
Annoucing! The 2001 Eco-Auto Contest Winners
Billups Tire & Muffler Centers, Burlington, Iowa

With the help of Boy Scout Wade Jackson (pictured in blue shirt), Eco-Auto champions Billups Tire & Muffler Centers conducting several scrap tire collection events in their community. They:

· Helped collect over 10,000 scrap tires for recycling in rural Des Moines County.

· Promoted community recycling events with the 2001 Eco-Auto Kit.

· Enhanced their community image and made a real difference!

· Discovered the power of Conservation Marketing™ !


Store owner Jon Billups says, "Eco-Auto is great! We're able to simply go to the website and get all the information we need, like radio tips, print modules and other signage."

Congratulations Billups Tire & Muffler Centers.  Goodyear and Bog Frog salute you!  Enjoy your three-day expense-paid outdoor odyssey of fishing, golfing and relaxing!


Get Ready For The Next Eco-Auto Contest!

Between September 1, 2001 and June 1, 2002, the retailer who creates the most effective and unique 2002 Eco-Auto promotion will win an expense paid Outdoors Odyssey.  Goodyear and The WATER Foundation will host a free weekend of fishing, golfing and relaxing in the sun at the scenic Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota! More details to come in future Fast Forward mailings.

So get started right away!  Order your free 2002 Eco-Auto kit and see how you can enhance your community image while boosting sales.

What Goodyear retailers are saying about Conservation Marketing . . .
"We feel that Eco-Auto is a very positive program for our customers and our company."

-- Peter Corrigan, Eggers Caryl & Corrigan Auto, Utica, NY

"This is a highly recognizable promotion. Our Eco-Auto poster is prominently displayed so
customers will become better aware of Goodyear’s commitment to conservation."

-- Patrick Fozio, Twinsburg Auto Service, Twinsburg, OH

"The (Eco-Auto) posters were a welcome addition, customers respond well to them. Thanks for helping us better do our part!"

-- Julie Calandro, Seymour Tire, Seymour, IN

"We don’t do things like Eco-Auto because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do!"

-- Tom Wilson, Sullivan Tire, Norwell, MA

With a host of time-tested promotions, advertising ideas and other effective components, Eco-Auto kits have now been used by over 500 Goodyear retailers nationwide.






FAST FORWARD - Third Quarter 2001

Goodyear Eco-Auto® Kit Is Now Available Online!

Learn new ways to promote your quality auto services while helping conserve resources. Log on to the Internet to get your paperless Eco-Auto promotional kit in a convenient online version.

Scan a host of information, including how to make Eco-Auto radio work for your business. View examples of Bog Frog® and Eco-Auto® print components, including discount coupon templates, tip brochures and newspaper ad slicks. Read testimonials from retailers just like you.

While online, order your free Eco-Auto CD which details straightforward ways to run effective Eco-Auto promotions sure to draw customers into your store. The CD also features broadcast ready, dealer taggable radio spots. 

Order your free Eco-Auto promotional booklet and instructional CD by calling The WATER Foundation at: 1.800.944.3764 
Check Out the 2001 Eco-Auto® online at:

Gemini™ Automotive Care Really is Eco-Auto® Care!
Bog Frog and Eco-Auto are a perfect complement to Gemini -- both emphasize quality automotive care for the extended life of America’s cars. 

Eco-Auto care means conserving natural resources and keeping our environment clean while helping consumers save money and energy. 

Gemini can help clean air by promoting its excellent emissions services. And healthy water, soil and wildlife are achieved in part, every time Gemini retailers recycle tires, batteries, used motor oil and filters and other automotive fluids. Recycled, remanufactured parts and fluids save energy and conserve resources too!

Let Bog Frog and Eco-Auto help you promote your environmental services. To get started today, call The WATER Foundation to sponsor Eco-Auto Tips® on your local radio station. Call 1-800-944-3764.
To date, hundreds of Goodyear and Gemini stores have participated in Eco-Auto programs. Retailers appreciate the easy logic and low cost behind a solid cause-related program like Eco-Auto. In addition, retailers find the Eco-Auto Kit easy to follow and apply to their own advertising strategies. 

Isn’t it time you made Eco-Auto part of your business?







FAST FORWARD - Second Quarter 2001

Eco-Auto®, Bog Frog® & Goodyear Retailers
A Winning Combination
With the 2001 Eco-Auto® Kit, Goodyear retailers are learning how to make conservation work for them-- and generate new business! Recycling has not only become an accepted practice by businesses across America, it has now become an excellent means of enhancing your store’s traffic and sales. 

Call 1.800.944.FROG to order your free 2001 Eco-Auto Kit!


ECO-AUTO   2001

Eco-Auto promotional programs are effective and inexpensive to run! Kit features include: 
  •  Instructional Eco-Auto CD 
  •  Broadcast-Ready Eco-Auto Radio Ads (add your dealer's tag) 
  •  Bog Frog Ad Slicks 
  •  Discount Coupon Templates 
  •  Hand-Out Brochure Templates 
  •  Official Showroom Certificate 
  •  Recycling Program Materials 
  •  Community Promotion Ideas 
  •  Info on Using Eco-Auto Radio 
  •  And much more!

Did you know?

• Goodyear helped develop a scrap tire recovery system that captures over 81% of the scrap tires generated in the United States each year. The scrap tire recovery rate greatly exceeds the recovery rate of aluminum cans (64%), paper (45%) and glass (38%).* 

• According to a recent Cone-Roper Cause-Related Trends Report, the environment has become the third most important issue in the minds of Americans. Two-thirds of Americans also say that they would likely switch brands or retailers to one associated with a good cause. 

* Goodyear's 1998 and 1999 Environmental, Health & Safety Report

1-800-CLEANUP --“Earth's 911®

As a bonus, your new Eco-Auto Kit provides a helpful listing of recycling resources, including 1-800-CLEANUP-- dubbed “Earth’s 911” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

By simply visiting www.cleanup.org or calling 1-800-CLEANUP, consumers from around the U.S. can quickly find the locations of recycling businesses near them. From automotive tires, fluids and filters to all hazardous waste and common household materials, Earth's 911 offers a huge network of information. 

Listing your retail locations with 1-800-CLEANUP means increasing business recognition as well as store traffic. When users enter their zip code, your store name(s) will appear, including your address, a locator map and a list of the services you offer. Instantly, your business is associated with recycling. Plus, you’re doing your part to conserve resources-- a winning combination! 

For FREE listing with 1-800-CLEANUP simply send your business information and address to: Earth’s 911, 5110 N. 44th Street, Suite L120, Phoenix, AZ 85018 


The time to tell consumers about Goodyear’s commitment to a clean environment has arrived. 
Let Bog Frog & Eco-Auto show you how!




FAST FORWARD - First Quarter 2000


The Goodyear Eco-Auto® kit has been enhanced and improved for 2001. Call The WATER Foundation at 1.800.944.3764 to order your new kit, free! You will find a helpful step-by-step guide to implementing simple, effective Eco-Auto promotions in your area. Kit features include:
  • Broadcast-ready Eco-Auto radio ads 
  • Bog Frog® Ad Slicks & Print Modules 
  • Discount Coupon Templates 
  • Hand-out Tip Brochure Templates 
  • Official Eco-Auto showroom certificate 
  • Recycling Program materials 
  • Promotional Program ideas 
  • And much, much more!

Bonus Eco-Auto CD!

Along with your new and improved kit, the Eco-Auto CD will enlighten you on ways to run great conservation promotions. Follow along in your kit booklet, too! Then, listen to Eco-Auto® Tips program demos, use the 6 new approved broadcast-ready radio ads and learn more on how conservation can pay for your business. Contact: bogfrog@bogfrog.com

What Goodyear dealers are saying about Eco-Auto® . . . 
  • “We are very proud to be a part of the Eco-Auto campaign! With help from the Eco-Auto Kit we have seen an increase in customer sales . . . customers respond very favorably to helping the environment. Eco-Auto is exactly what we need to expand our business.”- Michael Novak, G.M., Superior Auto Centers, Florida
  • “So far, the results have been excellent! Teaching Bog Frog tips at the school was a deeply rewarding experience. Our community is a better place, and our customers are showing their appreciation with their wallets. We look forward to working with Eco-Auto in the future.” - T.R. Storms, V.P. Johnny Wheels, Corbin, KY
  • “I have been very happy with the Eco-Auto concepts. We’ve been giving away posters and tip cards to kids at the store. We also ran an Eco-Auto conservation and recycling print ad in the local newspaper. Next year, we plan to sponsor the tips on our local radio stations.”- Dan Ochocki, G.M., Heartland Tire Service, St. Cloud, MN
  • “Schumacher Goodyear is very enthusiastic about sponsoring Eco-Auto Tips on KNOX-AM. They employed Bog Frog to attend local baseball games, handing out discounts on Eco-Auto oil changes and giving Bog Frog coloring books to kids. Bog Frog and Eco-Auto have been very well received. And Schumacher Goodyear couldn’t be happier.”- Kim Wear, Account Executive, Radio Marketing Group, Grand Forks, ND


This could be you!

So order your free kit today! And don’t forget to enter your Eco-Auto promotion in the 2001 Outdoors Odyssey contest. Spend three fun-filled days relaxing on beautiful north country lakes and golf courses. Contest deadline is June 1, 2001-- so act now to learn how 

“Conservation Pays™!”




FAST FORWARD Fourth Quarter 2000


Imagine yourself , exploring a beautiful north county wilderness lake; and then, deciding which of 20 championship golf courses to play. Wouldn't it be fun to catch some nice big fish on one of Minnesota's 10,000 scenic lakes with champion angler Dave Winkelman as your guide? How about teeing off into a fairway nestled between a forest of majestic Norway pines? This exciting trip can come true for you-- simply run a superior conservation promotion!


In conjunction with Goodyear, The WATER Foundation (TWF) is offering you an all expense paid Outdoors Odyssey to one of the top fishing and golfing destinations in the nation, the Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota. The winners (consisting of the Goodyear Retailer and their corresponding DSM) will be selected from entries for the most effective conservation promotion. These are things you probably already do, like: selling long-lasting tires, reducing tire wear, decreasing emissions, recycling tires, selling remanufactured parts, working with local service groups... the list goes on and on.  Contest judges will be from The WATER Foundation’s Board of Directors and Goodyear’s Advertising Department. 

Contest begins with September 1, 2000 and runs until June 1, 2001. 
The winner will be announced in July of 2001 
and vacation September 14, 15 and 16 of 2001

Here's another big clue: your local radio stations can be a big help when they air the Eco-Auto Radio Tips, sponsored by Goodyear.  Eco-Auto Tips are award-winning radio features on wise car care, proper tire selection, rotation and inflation, preventative maintenance and safe driving. Simply run an adjacent ad for your store, using Eco-Auto as the backbone for your promotion.  Local radio stations can also participate in your promotions, helping to bring your business closer to the community, saving you time and effort. This is explained more fully in the Eco-Auto kit, so call the Goodyear Co-op helpline at 1.800.628.5050 and order your free Kit.  Good luck, and remember, Conservation Pays!™


Call the Goodyear Co-Op helpline at 1.800.628.5050 and receive your new Eco-Auto Kit (free of charge!).  Instructions for conducting effective Eco-Auto promotions are included, along with dozens of great ideas and additional promotional aids.  Anytime between now and June 1, 2001, conduct the promotion and document it by keeping copies of newspaper articles, radio interviews, radio and newspaper advertisements, flyers, photos of customers, activities, etc., and send these materials to:

The WATER Foundation, 9121 County Rd 23, Brainerd, MN 56401



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