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HOP Shop Center Sponsorship

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Be a sponsor of the beautiful HOP Shop Center
for conservation technologies. 

Generate business for yourself and help preserve nature by supporting a national treasure.  Allow your children and grandchildren to enjoy the beauty of nature that you enjoy today. 

Now is the time to invest in conservation technologies to insure quality of life for our future!



·         Two pages of internet advertising tastefully woven into the appropriate Digital Product Tour (via on-site computer)

·        Sponsorship signage at the kiosk  in 4" x 8" format.

·        One 9 x 12” rack of your literature at the kiosk for visitors to grab

·        A: 60 second audio message played from the kiosk



 As the visitors tour the HOP Shop Center, they learn about products, technologies, and services that create better buildings.  Our knowledgeable personnel and construction consultants personally guide tours or visitors are treated to a 40-minute audio tour via a personal CD player.  Each CD features our sponsors technologies and products and a :60-second audio infomercial for each sponsor.  A new presentation is made each year.


 Featured in our website is the HOP Shop Center with links for visitors to check out products utilized in our showcase.  Our Internet address (and select sponsor’s products) will be advertised weekly, starting in 2003, on our nationally syndicated radio programs reaching over 4,000,000 people, so we anticipate a good flow of inquiries. 

Your company will also be included in the annual printing of our six panel HOP Shop Literature of 10,000 HOP Shop flyers.  Your company, product, or service will be featured in a 2”x 4” visual full-color ad space and associated text.


Be a sponsor of the beautiful HOP Shop Center.  Generate business for yourself and support a conservation treasure.  Together, we can educate and help our grandchildren enjoy the beauty of nature that we enjoy today.  There are two sponsorship options:

I.     Full Sponsorship: $2000 yearly or $5500 for three years. Package includes, Digital Product Tour, On-site kiosk and signage, audio tour, HOP Shop literature.

II.    Partial Sponsorship: $1000 yearly or $2800 for three years. Package includes Digital Product Tour, On-site kiosk and signage.

 A full sponsor is allowed one FREE private conference, meeting or luncheon at the HOP Shop Center.  We have a kitchen, a beautiful white ash conference table, audio/visual technology services and large deck to enjoy the Minnesota outdoors.  Call (218)-764-2321 to set a date!

 Want to support a good cause but funds are running low?  It doesn’t cost a bundle to help support the HOP Shop Center.  Please inquire about participating as event sponsors, website sponsors or an annual membership.  You can still get excellent advertising from a small sponsorship and only pay what you can afford.

For further sponsorship details, please click HERE!

For more information call 1-218-764-2321, email or write to:
The WATER Foundation, 9121 CR 23, Brainerd, MN 56401

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