This kit provides the tools to turn something you’re already doing into a positive marketing promotion-- numerous promotional tools for tire sales, auto service or recycling that let your customers know about your commitment to conservation. Your customers care about conservation now more than ever before.  An educated customer is a better customer. The key to a successful Eco-Auto promotion is to use educational tools in the Eco-Auto kit to conduct effective cause-marketing for your business. Your customers will learn that you care about your community because you practice conservation of natural resources. The Eco-Auto kit will help you establish a uniquely competitive position for your business.

The 2005 kit has a major new feature. Your dealership will be promoted locally in our HOP Shop web site, the popular Internet companion to our national radio network! See below for details on this Internet listing. The kit also contains a helpful step-by-step guide to implementing simple, effective Eco-Auto promotions in your area.  By participating, you could win an expense-paid vacation of golfing and fishing trip to the Central Lakes Area of Minnesota!

Goodyear Retailers now get a 12-month Internet ad listing for your stores. This Internet listing advertises your business to consumers who hear our Eco-Auto tips on the radio. See www.hopshop.net and tour the Eco-Auto section.

Make your advertising more meaningful with proven Eco-Auto tools. The Eco-Auto kit is filled with the latest tools for cause-marketing, pollution prevention, recycling and proven cost-saving programs that can save you thousands of dollars per year. See below for more details.

The complete Eco-Auto program is a real value of over $2000, but costs only $600 per year and is approved for co-op reimbursement from your Business Investment Fund. Here is what you get with the Eco-Auto program:

1. Twelve months of Internet Green Pages Directory Advertising and Internet Listing for Eco-Auto radio listeners (Value of $600). Over two million radio listeners can find your business via the Goodyear name and/or the effective zip code-driven locator service at www.hopshop.net. Your business name, full-color logo, address, phone, Web site, e-mail address, ten key search words and a 30-word description about your business appears with your listing. Click here to see more.
2. Eco-Auto Ad Kit (Value of $100). Cause-marketing radio, newspaper and direct mail tools to help advertise your business. Includes a series of dozens of Eco-Auto radio tips, fun Outdoor Trivia radio spots, Goodyear co-op approved radio ads and dealer-tagged radio PSAs about conservation and recycling. Spokespeople include Hank Parker Sr., Dave Winkelman, Bog Frog, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kenny Loggins, Steven Segal and others. Kit also includes store signage, print ads, flyers and much more.
Click here to see more.
3. Safety and Pollution Prevention (S/P2) Training Program from CCAR: Keep up-to-date with the latest EPA and OSHA regulations. Turn-key kit to train every worker involved in automotive repair, maintenance, and insurance claims handling on S/P2 issues which will reduce injury, illness, and environmental impact. (Eco-Auto coupon provided for a $100 discount off the normal $300 cost for S/P2): Click here for more details.
a. Keep employees safe
b. Develop safety knowledge for all personnel
c. Prevent pollution and handle wastes correctly
d. Reduce days lost due to injuries or safety-related issues
e. Reduce waste handling costs and time
f. Comply with federal and state regulations
g. Avoid regulatory fines
4. Eco-Auto Contest and Awards program. Here’s your chance to win an expense-paid vacation to the beautiful Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota. Get your chance to fish with champion angler Dave Winkelman on his favorite lakes, golf on nationally acclaimed courses and receive the prestigious Eco-Auto award and accompanying media attention.
For more details, click here.
5. 50% off all Eco-Auto kits and materials. Get great savings on popular community and school promotions including Bog Frog costume rental, Oil Recycling Program, Racing To Recycle™, Operation HOP®, Lean Green Drivin’ Machine, tire recycling program, Bog Frog Buckets, promo items, etc.
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Eco-Auto Kit
features include:

  • Radio Spots, Tips and PSAs

  • Eco-Auto Certificate
  • Recycle Story I and II
  • Eco-Auto Tip Card
  • Car Care Council Guide
  • Safety-Kleen We Care
  • We Recycle! sign
  • Approved Print Ads and Inserts
  • Four-Color Newspaper Ad Flyer
  • Post Card Marketing
  • C-Car Greenlink
  • Operation H.O.P.
  • And much, much more!

Bonus Eco-Auto CD!

Along with your new and improved kit, the Eco-Auto CD will show you simple ways to run great conservation promotions. Follow along in your kit booklet, too! Then, listen to Eco-Auto Tips program demos, use the 6 new approved broadcast-ready radio ads, taggable radio Public Service Announcements and learn more on how conservation can pay for your business.  

Click here to order your kit today so you can compete in the Eco-Auto Conservation Marketing Contest.!  Or call us at 1.218.764.2321.

What Goodyear dealers are saying about Eco-Auto® . . 

We are very proud to be a part of the Eco-Auto campaign! With help from the Eco-Auto Kit we have seen an increase in customer sales . . . customers respond very favorably to helping the environment. Eco-Auto is exactly what we need to expand our business.”- Michael Novak, G.M., Superior Auto Centers, Florida

“So far, the results have been excellent! Teaching Bog Frog tips at the school was a deeply rewarding experience. Our community is a better place, and our customers are showing their appreciation with their wallets. We look forward to working with Eco-Auto in the future.” - T.R. Storms, V.P. Johnny Wheels, Corbin, KY

“I have been very happy with the Eco-Auto concepts. We’ve been giving away posters and tip cards to kids at the store. We also ran an Eco-Auto conservation and recycling print ad in the local newspaper. Next year, we plan to sponsor the tips on our local radio stations.”- Dan Ochocki, G.M., Heartland Tire Service, St. Cloud, MN

“We are sold on the Eco-Auto campaign!   We are getting numerous positive comments from customers, friends, and people on the street.   We will continue to run the (television and radio) spots and look forward to even better campaigns because of what we’ve learned.  Retail sales results were outstanding!"   - Ray Patron, owner of Moore and Patron stores in Monroe, LA

This could be YOU!

Order your kit today! And don’t forget to enter your Eco-Auto promotion in the 2005 Eco-Auto Conservation Marketing contest. Spend three fun-filled days relaxing on beautiful north country lakes and golf courses. Contest ends April 1, 2006,
So act now to learn how 

“Conservation Pays!”  

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