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News Release: Brainerd, MN. March 16, 2005.

Bog Frog Media announced today the start date of its 2005 Eco-Auto Campaign. With a mission to reduce our oil dependence while building our domestic economy, Eco-Auto offers hundreds of proven solutions, technologies and automotive tips that everyone can use. All drivers can benefit from Eco-Auto but automotive-related businesses can benefit in other ways: Increased sales of more efficient vehicles, increased service business (as recommended in the Eco-Auto Radio Tips) and a chance to win an expense paid guided Eco-Tour, Fishing and Golfing Vacation to the heartland of the Minnesota Lakes area. The program starts on March 16, 2005 and continues to February 2006.

For the 12th consecutive year, the nationally syndicated Eco-Auto Tips air daily on commercial radio stations with radio hosts Bog Frog, Max Mileage and David Winkelman. Bog Frog, the foundations mascot for water quality, and the other radio hosts offer these “frog friendly” auto tips for drivers to use that save fuel, reduce emissions, recycle waste and save money. Millions of Americans hear these Eco-Auto Tips on radio every day. Click here to hear a few for yourself:

BMF believes that our energy future is our choice, not our fate. Oil dependence and pollution are problems that we can make can go away, profitably. New jobs, new technologies and new practices are growing from this "Eco-Auto" trend. According to a comprehensive strategy published in 2004 by the Rocky Mountain Institute called "Winning The Oil End Game“, U.S. oil dependence can be eliminated by proven and attractive technologies and practices that create wealth, enhance choice, and strengthen domestic security.

The gist of the strategy is to save half the oil America now uses through conservation steps (like Eco-Auto tips) and then substituting more efficient, less polluting vehicles to save the other half. The study pragmatically proves that we can end the Oil vs Pollution game within 20 years. Read the plan for yourself at The study was co-sponsored by the Pentagon.

Starting in March 2005, Eco-Auto Tips will be broadcast with a greater frequency than ever before across America. They will also air on the American Forces Radio Network, up to four times per day. So in addition to millions of Americans listening on commercial radio stations, all people on our military bases, ships at sea and every Department of Defense location will hear Eco-Auto tips…something positive for our troops to think about while they are on the front lines of our domestic security.

Eco-Auto Tips have been proven to drive business for automotive makers, aftermarket products and local service businesses that sponsor the radio tips or are listed in the on-line Eco-Auto Directory. The national radio advertising “meets the road” with a series of Eco-Auto in-store merchandising and Internet services, centered around mascot Bog Frog, designed to help dealers capture customers concerned about conservation, as well as school programs and community action programs proven to drive prospects to the participating stores. The enterprising store who conducts the most creative Eco-Auto promotional program wins the vacation. See past winners stories and details for the 2005 contest at In-store Eco-Auto kits can be purchased by calling 218 764 2321.

Eco-Auto Tips also appear on the companion Internet site: A "Green Pages" directory of related resources sends visitors to participating businesses in their area via a zip code locator service. Companies can sponsor Eco-Auto Radio Tips nationally, regionally or locally and they can be listed and/or advertised at the website. Call Bog Frog Media at 218 764 2321. For radio advertising, Click Here. For Internet advertising, Click Here

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