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Goodyear Drives Sales with
Eco-Auto Conservation Promotions

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Eco-Auto Fact: The USDOE estimates up to four million gallons of gasoline are wasted each day because of under inflated tires, and over 13 million tons of polluting air emissions could be eliminated each year by properly inflating tires.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Corporation has teamed up with The WATER Foundation to offer their dealers an Eco-Auto promotion that can drive sales and services while helping customers reduce their vehicle's impact on the environment.  When customers practice the simple Eco-Auto tips, their vehicles are more fuel efficient and less polluting, and, they'll not only be driving Eco-Autos, but they'll save money too.

The cornerstone of the promotion is The WATER Foundation's Eco-Auto Tips radio program:   Short, practical tips on driving efficient and properly operated vehicles.   The tips are sponsored by Goodyear nationally on hundreds of radio stations during 1998.  Local dealers can leverage the corporate advertising dollars by sponsoring the programs on their local radio station and reduce their advertising costs by using their co-op dollars.

The turn-key, Eco-Auto promotion is available free to Goodyear dealers by calling Goodyear's Hotline at 1-800-628-5050.  The kit includes:  Eco-Auto fact cards, co-op approved radio scripts and newsletter/shopper ads, Eco-Auto print modules, strategies for successful in-store or community Eco-Auto events, a news release, Bog Frog costume rental and more.  Goodyear has licensed Bog Frog to carry the Eco-Auto conservation message throughout all the promotional components and tie into the Eco-Auto radio programs.

The Eco-Auto Program is a natural promotion for Goodyear dealers because they offer products and services, which when used properly, can help reduce environmental pollution.   By utilizing the Eco-Auto promotion kit, Goodyear dealers can establish a unique competitive position for their business by letting the community know they are helping to reduce automotive impact on nature.

What are Eco-Autos?

max-m.jpg (17356 bytes)As Max Mileage says;  Eco-Autos are vehicles in good working condition--low emissions, no leaks, better mileage with proper disposal of automotive fluids, parts and tires.  When operated in this way they create less pollution, reduce water contamination and save natural resources (and money) by using less gas. That's an Eco-Auto!

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