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Welcome to Current Waves, designed to help you and/or your company get the jump on conservation with Eco-Auto, starting in April.

Just a tad about our Eco-Auto campaign: Do you think Americans need Eco-Auto messages? Gas prices are up and health is down from pollution. Is now maybe the time for you or your company to begin journey towards conservation and new technologies? We can help.

Our multi-media education campaign has been improving drivers habits since 1993 and is now helping drive new business for the automotive industry...take a little trip into the world of Eco-Auto at www.hopshop.net/tours/ecoauto_tour/index.php. There are a couple dozen pages of good information here and links to many more. We are launching a massive educational campaign via local, regional, national and international radio networks starting today, and during drive-times every day in 2005.

1. If you want to advertise on Eco-Auto radio, visit www.bogfrog.com/e-cards/radiopage-ea2.htm.

2. If you want to be listed on our Eco-Auto Internet Directory, visit www.bogfrog.com/marketing/hopshop/index.php

3. If you want to learn to save money, reduce pollution and be a part of the solution to ending the oil game, visit www.hopshop.net.

Hop on the conservation bandwagon now...your tadpoles will be better for it.

Bog Frog
Chief Spokesphibian for The WATER Foundation
218 764 2321



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