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April 3, 2005

Renewable Energy

Greetings from the bog!

May 20, 2005. The WATER Foundation announced today that it was successful in helping the Morrison County Agricultural Society obtain a $20,000 grant from Minnesota Power to put up a wind turbine on the Morrison County Fairgrounds in 2005. The wind turbine is a 20 kilowatt Jacobs system with a 31 foot rotor on a 120 foot tower, which will produce enough electricity to power a small farm (estimated 15,000 to 20,000 kilowatt hours per year). The total installed cost for this system is $50,000 and with good maintenance, it will pay for itself quickly and produce that power/income for The Morrison County Ag Society for many decades, as proven by Jacobs since 1930. The ground breaking ceremony will be held tomorrow, 5-25-05, at the Morrison County fairgrounds at 11am. The tower tip-up ceremony will be on July 20 at 11am. Media is welcome.

The turbine will be installed in time for the Morrison County Fair in 2005 (July 27-30), so come see it! Through the efforts of The WATER Foundation, the Morrison County Fair also became the home of the Windy River Fair in 2004. The Windy River Fair is a Sustainable Agriculture and Renewable Energy “fair”, held in conjunction with the Morrison County Fair, on the east end of the fairgrounds, the same dates as above. See www.windyriver.us for details.

The WATER Foundation and the Morrison County Agricultural Society will kick off public education programs and tours on Wind Power via the new wind turbine during the Windy River Fair. This will be the first county fair in Minnesota that will have a permanent wind turbine on their grounds (and may be the first in the USA). The turbine will feature educational signage on its base explaining the basics of the technology, the costs of getting electricity from the wind, the financial benefits for the homeowner or farmer and the pollution reduction benefits for all. The Windy River Fair website will display the actual production and income earned from the wind turbine, updated on a monthly basis for all to see. Visit www.windyriver.us often for updates.

Minnesota Power is a progressive investor-owned utility serving north and central Minnesota. They are one of the leading utility companies in the nation in promoting sustainable, renewable energy such as wind, solar and geothermal. They have an ongoing rebate of $2.00 per watt for solar and $200.00 per ton for geothermal and now, a few special wind turbine grants. You can see more information about Minnesota Power's incentives at www.mnpower.com.

The WATER Foundation promotes renewable energy and sustainable agriculture to help keep our water clean. Much of the mercury found in our fish, water and food supplies comes from the coal fired power plants either spewing out mercury or creating acid rain which then leaches mercury out of the soil and into the water. The Foundation will be installing several other wind turbines on other sites during 2005. The WATER Foundation's facilities feature geothermal heating and cooling, solar electricity and a small wind turbine, as well as composting toilets, greywater system, a geothermally cooled food/crop storage building and many other types of conservation technologies.

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