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April 3, 2005

No April Fuels

Greetings from the bog!

The price of petroleum is going down soon? Sorry, I'm just a tad late for an April fuels joke.

Here's an Eco-Auto Tip: If you are in the auto business, you can learn how to spawn new revenues as we end the "we-need-more-oil-game". Maybe one of the marketing pathways from our 2005 campaign will jump out at you: Click here.

Whether you are the President of a Huge Automotive Company or you just drive a clunker, Eco-Auto has solutions to help improve your finances. Please join us as we take the small leaps necessary to go beyond petroleum. HOP on down to my website, www.hopshop.net, and take a little trip down the Eco-Auto lane....

On behalf of amphibians everywhere who are croaking from pollution, thanks for changing your fuelish ways. Your tadpoles will thank you too!

Bog Frog
Top Hopper

218 764 2321


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