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In This Issue: January 3, 2005

Small Battery Recycling Campaign


The Bog Frog Company announced today the release of their 2005 Small Battery Recycling Campaign. With radio announcements and Internet education starting to be published on January 16th, Bog Frog and his friends will be directing people to the site to learn to identify rechargeable batteries and where they can recycle them for free at locations near them!

Bog Frog is a conservation spokesphibian who has been croaking out Frog Friendly Tips on radio stations across America since 1989. The goal of the battery campaign is to feature Bog Frog as a cheerful reminder for consumers to recycle spent batteries, not just throw them "away". There is no "away" on our small planet for toxins like cadmium or mercury. In 2005, Bog Frog’s messages will also air on the American Forces Radio Network around the world on 800 stations in 179 countries, all Military locations and eleven bands of short wave radio

Rechargeable batteries reduce pollution over their non-rechargeable competitors because they can be re-used up to 1000 times. Some portable rechargeable batteries, however, can contain significant amounts of toxins that can poison humans, wildlife and eco-systems. Research shows that most people are not aware of what type of batteries their tools, phones, toys, computers or other electronic devices contain. The use of small batteries is increasing rapidly as the consumer electronics industry grows. Bog Frog’s work is to educate people about small batteries and then direct them to locations near them for recycling spent batteries. While there are several options to dispose of spent batteries, the simplest is to use the free collection box system provided by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation.

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) is a nonprofit, public service organization dedicated to rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling. There are over 30,000 retail and community collection locations that participate in RBRC’s cell phone and rechargeable battery recycling program. RBRC is funded by more than 300 manufacturers and marketers of portable rechargeable batteries and products. RBRC’s public education campaign and recycling program is the result of the rechargeable power industry’s commitment to conserve natural resources and prevent cell phones and rechargeable batteries from entering the solid waste stream. Cell phones collected through the Call2Recycle™ program will be recycled or refurbished and resold when possible with a portion of the proceeds benefiting select charities. Contributions or gifts to RBRC are not tax deductible. For more information, call 1-877-2-RECYCLE or visit

The Bog Frog Company, (a division of The WATER Foundation), has been producing and syndicating conservation media across America since 1986 and around the world since 1994. Touting the slogan that Conservation Pays®, Bog Frog's educational tips reach over 10,000,000 listeners per week on radio and over 30,000 hits per month to his website, Conservation actually does pay in many ways for people who practice Bog Frog's tips on Recycling, Wind Power, Geothermal, Solar Power, SMARTwater®, Eco-Auto and Natural Ways®.

There are availabilities for only two title sponsors in Bog Frog's Small Battery Recycling campaign, but many companies can place radio ads or Internet ads in various media surrounding the Battery Recycling program. Contact Jan Carner at 218 764 2321 or for details. See below for additional information on the program.

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