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Balance of Energy

Have you ever noticed how people talk about the weather and climate as though they live outdoors, when they actually spend nearly 85% of their time inside of buildings?

How's the climate in your building?  I'll bet the indoor temperature where you are is near the standard 72 degrees as it is all over the country; and, the climate is about the same, give or take some differences in indoor air quality.  Ironically, the energy consumed by the buildings and people inside affects the weather indoors and outdoors.  This same energy consumes a full one third of our nation's fuel resources.   Just the energy for our homes, for example, costs Americans over 110 billion dollars each year. (source; EPA)

Energy not only drains resources, you also pay taxes which subsidize energy generation and pollution clean-up.  Over the past 20 years, taxpayers have been drained of 30 to 60 billion dollars per year to underwrite part of the cost of America's energy needs.   (source; "Homemade Money", Richard Heede, Brickhouse Publishing, 1995)

In another expense category, the power that keeps you warm, keeps the lights burning and motors running, also creates a future debt.  Someday, your children will have to pay more than now for the air pollution, water pollution, depleted forest and keeping the lids on the nuclear waste we are causing now.

There may be another future need, with an accompanying cost, to keep our climate and weather stable with science and technology. 

But before we get too depressed, let's talk about ways to avoid and prevent such a gloomy future, and reduce our expenses, too!bf-scale.gif (9205 bytes)

One of the biggest levers in energy conservation is saving electricity.  It takes three to four units of fuel to make one unit of electricity at the power companies, so saving one unit of electricity saves three to four units of fuel resource, which in America is primarily coal.  (source; Rocky Mountain Institute 1995)

Think about the leverage that you can exert to help our planet just by saving electricity, plus, you can enjoy saving money!


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