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- If You Want to be Green, Retread!-

T.R. Storms Jr. from Johnny Wheels in Corbin, Kentucky has jumped in the water with conservation. Johnny Wheels has become a leader in their community and increased their service business and sales by offering to recycle waste oil, antifreeze, tires and other Eco-Auto-type services at their three stores.

By helping several large commercial trucking companies with tire disposaltirepile2.jpg (21320 bytes) (recycling), they stopped a great deal of landfill pollution and doubled their sales of truck tire retreads during fourth quarter 1998. "If you want to be green, retread!" is one of the educational advertisements their business sponsors in their community. The areas favorite radio station WCTT-FM, carries Johnny Wheels ads in the Eco-Auto Tips radio series (from The WATER Foundation), which not only teach listeners about how conservation can save them money on their vehicles, but also the unique services and convenient locations Goodyear stores offer on behalf of the environment.

"At Johnny Wheels, we practice what we preach because we’re on thegyfishing.jpg (4025 bytes) water three days a week!" says owner T.R. Storms, who is a member of the local BASS club. "Everyone affects the water whether we realize it or not, because the pollution we generate eventually goes into the water somewhere. Exhaust fumes rain down from the sky, auto fluids run into the sewer and landfills eventually get full. More consumers are into conservation at a basic level than we realized, so we gave them several ways to help their environment by Reducing, Reusing, Recyclingclassroom2.jpg (6052 bytes) and Retreading at our stores. We also worked with the local schools, hosting Eco-Auto Tips classroom segments, Bog Frog coloring contests, and conservation "clue cards" were handed out which are designed to bring people back into the stores for free merchandise or service. The results were excellent! Our community is a better place and our customers are showing their appreciation with their wallets!"

Conservation Pays!™ is the slogan of The WATER Foundation’s Eco-Auto programs that Goodyear sponsors hundreds of radio stations across America, as well as provides for Goodyear dealers in a free Eco-Auto kit by calling the co-op Hotline number (800 628 5050).

By definition, an ECO-AUTO is a fuel efficient vehicle in good working order. Through preventive maintenance, proper tire selection, inflation, balancing, regular tune-ups, swift attention to problems and recycling of its fluids and parts, Eco-Autos will last longer, run cleaner and save their owners money.

For 1999, Goodyear has created a captivating new Eco-Auto poster for retailer showroom areas, as part of the free kit.

Cause-Related Marketing is Leading the Way

According to David Winkelman, President of The WATER Foundation and creator of the Eco-Auto program, "This type of cause-related marketing is leading the way for automotive businesses to be more responsible and successful in the 21st century. Goodyear dealers are in an excellent position to increase their profits from conservation services for their customers and in their own operations. Why wait until you are legally required to provide these services? By leading the way for conservation now, you deserve greater profits and research has shown that your community will reward you in many ways!" The WATER Foundation offers more good conservation information on its web site "".

Hundreds of Goodyear dealers started Eco-Auto programs in 1998 and have learned that conservation pays in many ways. For Johnny Wheels, conservation paid off by winning an expense paid vacation to the beautiful Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota, fishing and golfing with noted celebrity outdoorsman, Babe Winkelman, David’s brother. Babe will be guiding two people from Johnny Wheels sometime in 1999, as well as the lucky Goodyear District Sales Manager for their territory, Dave Drown, who gets to enjoy the vacation time too. And after they catch as many fish as they want, Babe will share some of his other favorite holes with the winners, on the areas 28 golf courses.

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