BOG FROG® COSTUME APPLICATION (Please print and fill out, then FAX)

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How do you plan to use the Bog Frog Costume?
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Rental Terms:
Rental Rates: Daily rate $75, weekly rate $300. A minimum of fifty percent of the rental total and this rental application are due to The WATER Foundation before the costume is shipped to the renter.

Shipping: The WATER Foundation will cover the costs of shipping the costume to the renter. The renter will receive it one day prior to the first rental day. The renter is responsible for the cost of shipping the costume back to The WATER Foundation (9121 County Rd. 23, Brainerd, MN 56401) within one day of the last day of the rental period, or additional charges will be added.

Costume Cleaning: The WATER Foundation is responsible for the cleaning of the costume after the rental.

Costume Use: The Bog Frog costume must not be used in a harmful or destructive manner. Bog Frog’s image, and the costume representation, must convey a positive image.

Other Liabilities: Upon renting the Bog Frog Costume, the renter: accepts full responsibility for its condition during the rental period, is liable for any costs which result from needed repairs or mending due to negligent care of the costume, and is liable for any costume damages due to poor packaging of the costume for return shipment to The WATER Foundation.

Liability Waiver: The WATER Foundation is not responsible for anything, including injuries and damages, that might happen to a person wearing the costume, in the vicinity of the costume, or affected by the costume.

Please sign and date below to accept these rental terms. Keep a copy for your records and return this original application along with payment to The WATER Foundation. A signed copy or this application will be returned to you

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Renters Signature Date Approved by The WATER Foundation Date

The WATER Foundation, 9121 CR 23, Brainerd, MN 56401 - Phone: 218.764.2321 -  FAX: 218.764.3582

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