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Oil Recycling Bucket System

What a great aid for anyone who changes their own oil or a great gift to someone who does! The bucket system is made of premium HDPE and will last for decades. Used as a fund-raiser, the buckets can raise hundreds of dollars quickly because almost any do-it-yourselfer will want one!

The buckets can be printed with your business name, logo and almost any other pertinent information or advertisement you can think of.  A GREAT marketing tool.

GreenBack™ Punch/Coupon Cards

Used either with the buckets or by themselves.  Bog Frog GreenBacks will bring people back in your stores again and again!  Recycling is a great way to create loyal customers who will help keep the green in your business.
GreenBacks can be used as a fund-raiser for non-profit groups and businesses too. Plastic laminated, the money-sized coupon is re-usable many times.


Item Qty Cost Total
Custom Bucket System (Retail value $19.95) .  * $11.00 .
Generic Bucket System (Minimum of 12 buckets-see below) . $8.00 each + S&H  
Greenback Coupons 
(Package of 200 laminated punch-cards )
. $100.00 .



Minnesota residents add 6.5% sales tax 


Total Order



* Custom Bucket System Quantities

288 - 1,008
$13.00 @
1,009 to 2,016
$12.00 @
2,017 to 8,064
$11.00 @
Over 8,064
$10.00 @

Generic Buckets: $8.00 each (12 per box) SEE BELOW

Please fax requests to: 218-764-3582
See BELOW for details for custom printing, freight and shipping.

Custom Printing, Freight and Shipping

Custom containers: Our minimum order for custom imprinted containers is 288 except for special sample runs. If your order is for less than 1,008 containers, add $200.00 for the printing plates. Orders of 1,008 containers or more include the cost of the printing plates. Plate charges are one time only, unless changes are made to the plates after they are completed, Note: our container manufacturer ships containers to us by the pallet (144 containers). If possible please try to order in multiples of 144.

Artwork: If you wish to use special graphics or logos, please send camera-ready artwork or your logo on a disk in almost any format. Send a rough sketch of what you would like to have on the front panel and we send back artwork for your approval. There is no charge for our artwork preparation. From the time your written approval of the artwork is received, we can normally ship your order within three weeks. Please call 218-764-2321 if you have any questions or wish to talk to our art department.

Generic containers: For our customers who do not need large quantities or custom imprinting we have our California generic container. These containers are sold in multiples of 12 are boxed and ready for immediate shipment. The cost per container is $8.00 plus tax and shipping. (Generic bucket pictured at right.)

Shipping: All orders are shipped best way. Containers are normally packed in a 2’ X 2’ X 2’ carton containing 12 containers weighing 40 pounds. We can also ship bulk on larger orders at your request. If your storage space is limited, we can ship in installments. Please call for details. 218-764-2321

Freight & Taxes: All applicable freight and taxes will be added to all orders.
All orders must be accompanied by a purchase order and shipping instructions

Terms: Net 30 Days. Fax orders to 218-764-3582 or send check to;
 The WATER Foundation, 9121 County Rd 23, Brainerd, MN 56401

Name: ______________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________
City, State, ZIP ______________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________

Cash:________ Check:_________ Credit Card:_________

Name: _______________________________________
Card Number: _______________________________________
Expiration Date: _______________________________________

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• The WATER Foundation • 9121 County Rd 23 • Brainerd, MN 56401•
• phone: (218) 764-2321 • fax: (218) 764-3582 •