TWF has chosen Bog Frog As it's mascot, spokesphibian and symbol for conservation. Since frogs are among the first to "croak" when ecology is upset, they act as an indicator species for the health of the ecosystem.

Recently, there has been much publicity in the decline of frog and other amphibian populations around the world. These declines have been associated with poor water quality, habitat loss, fragmentation, air pollution, ultraviolet radiation and other causes which are currently unknown. Understanding the life cycle and habitat of frogs allows scientists to understand how these problems affect humans as well.

Following his dream of building a successful conservation communication company, David Winkelman, president and founder of The WATER Foundation, realized that one of the best ways for consumers to relate to the issues of conservation, was through the creation of a character that would embody the mission and make education fun. In 1987, founder David Winkelman introduced the concept of Bog Frog at a trade function for conservation called the Buyers Outdoor Games. David reasoned that frogs are an appropriate symbol for ecology because they are so sensitive to changes in the environment. Thus, Bog Frog came to life. Since that time, Bog Frog has become the leading "spokesphibian" for conservation.

Spokesphibian Bog Frog

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