Welcome to Operation HOP!!

- Help Our Planet

Hi!!! I'm Bog Frog. The realm of the bog has selected me to speak for amphibians everywhere and help humans learn how to Help Our Planet. Since frogs are some of the first to croak when pollution gets bad I, being a frog, am anxious to get these efforts hopping.

The WATER Foundation has given me this opportunity to be their "spokesphibian" and top "hopper" for Operation HOP (Help Our Planet). If you want to HOP along with us, our mission is to help our planet by searching for ways (actions, ideas, and products) to conserve nature and reduce pollution. I have discovered many helpful habits and reminders I call Frog Friendly Tips, which I'll send you when you join Operation HOP. Together we'll jump start many operations to conserve earth's resources so we can enjoy a more natural environment in the future.


You can be an agent for Operation HOP! We're organizing special fun missions for you. But first you must complete basic training and earn your first Frog Friendly certificate. After that, you can earn more badges as you learn to help our planet even more! Your HOP agent starter kit will include my secret decoder tape and the very cool "On The Bog" wall poster.

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