The Eco-Domes Conservation Campus

Imagine 10,000 feet of beautiful comfortable space with convenience galore, yet hardly consumes any energy to operate.  Now imagine that this building is located in Brainerd, Minnesota, where temperatures vary from a biting 50 degrees below zero to a very humid 100 degrees above zero.

What was a dream 20 years ago and in "blueprints" since 1994 is now a reality.  A geodesic dome can be yours too, for surprisingly little investment.

The domes are constructed using the latest technologies to conserve energy, building materials and water, as well as reduce pollution.  No fuel is burned, no waste is produced and no water is polluted by our operations, yet we enjoy beautiful, comfortable, spacious and artistic surroundings.  Visit the campus and you will learn to save significant amounts of money with our environmentally responsible, yet artistic ideas.  Practical, affordable components, subsystems and contractors are listed here, with more to be added as we develop this site.

The campus is home to beautiful art-forms of many kinds, including paintings, woodwork, stonework, designs, writings, music, radio production, water sculptures, gardens and ponds. 

As you experience our Center, we believe you will learn ways to better harmonize with nature, conserve natural resources and save money.  As our mascot and spokesphibian Bog Frog says, "Conservation Pays!"

The Center opened to the general public in June 1998.  Tours are available by calling 1-218-764-2321 for an appointment, but you can begin a virtual product tour right now by visiting the HOP Shop Center. 

We invite you to revisit our site often. 

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